Nforce motherboard+which drivers are best?

Gettin the 811s soon here so i just wanted to know what IDE drivers + liteon burners seem to be working best with nforce motherboards ?I am presently using the latest chipset drivers-

I ask this because ive come across other people with various brand burners having issues with nforce2 boards…thx:)

this seemed the best place to get feedback,but if im wrong feel free to move this thread…

tried to throw these specs in sig,but i must be in error-edit:oops,it seems they take a bit to kick in,and sorry the text size too big-doh

win2k pro
Abit NF7-s
(1x512)Buffalo pc3700
TDK 48x cd-rw
MX700 mouse
Enermax 431 ps
ATI radeon 9500 pro
(2)western digital RaptorsRaid-0

Got it today.Guess i was paranoid or somtin.

Usin latest Nforce drivers,DVD shrink and nero 6,ive had 5 perfect burns so far.Memorex media.

BTW,office max has a deal right now Imation 25 pack dvd+r for $35(-10 rebate=25).would they work?..:slight_smile:

Those are probably ricoh (same as memorex DVD+R) and should work.

thx OC-Freak,they work fine.:)quicky question what prog to sqeeze 7,500mb(movie only) movie to 1 disc or is that possible?

…DVDShrink…would it be OK?
Credit @Portmac

hmm,maybe i need to look it over closer,but at max compression icouldnt make 1 dvd from 7500mb.i made 2 from files like that usin it tho.just would like to avoid that if i can keep a decent quality burn…:slight_smile:

If you are using DVDShrink then here is something that might help you…


ok,thx,got it figured:)BTW,happy as an Ardvark in an anthill with this burner:)