Nforce Drivers..Advantages/Disadvantages?



i’ve seen quite a few issues w/ nforce drivers in MB’s and thought i would post a question…if i install a new or an even old MB,will installing the nforce drivers that come w/ the installation package of the MB give me a performance boost or does it have an advantage to install the drivers or can i just forget them and use the drivers that come w/ xp? which is a better option i guess is what i’m saying…Will i lose any functionality w/o the nforce drivers if i’m just using the stock xp ones?


No offence but have you even thought about it?
Does it make any sense to you that they develop new drivers?
Have you even tried to use a nForce board without drivers, you’ll surely notice something…


well i wouldn’t be asking the ? if i didn’t think about now would I? :slight_smile:
i use nforce drivers now…my edit pc uses them but all i wanted to know was…is there advantage…more functionality etc? and no…i don’t notice much but…again…am i losing any functionality? i’m trying to troubleshoot dvd burner issues and nforce is what i was reading about…i’m no expert…thats’ why i asked


It depends on your motherboard. On my old AN8 Fata1ity board not installing the Nvidia Nforce IDE drivers slowed my HDD access down a bit. With the nForce drivers installed my hard drives and dvd/cd rom drives were accessed a lot faster. You’ll have to test it yourself to see if you gain improvement, for me my access time improved on loading games from my HDD and for copying and transferring files.


i was having issues w/ dvd burners and it seemed these drivers were the cause…i went into device manager and rolled back he drivers to the xp ones and to my surprise…everything seems faster…i will say that i haven’t burned any discs yet but i have an old p3 that i’m doing them on now…at 4x though…i wasted so many discs on the ecs/nforce board i just stopped all together…i now use it mainly for ripping/editing dvd’s etc…i guess i’ll try and burn one to see how it goes

is there a way to tell if an IDE channel is going bad? my secondary ide is the one w/ issues…if there was a sure fire way to tell i could just chuck this MB and get another…i can rip on this channel but it seems when i get to 79%…always the same thing…I/O device Error…i tried this w/ 2 drives and the same thing…i can burn however on the primary slave…i only go 8x on it though

thanks MsX


Nvidia IDE drivers almost universally hose optical drive performance, but it does vary from one board to the next, and the driver version.

In very general terms, 3rd party IDE drivers will improve hard drive performance slightly, but have no effect on optical drives or possibly cause problems for them. If you are troubleshooting a problem, removing the Nvidia IDE driver is always the first step.


thanx Cdan…the MB i have was basically a freebie that came w/ the processor but its just barely a year old…i know ecs isn’t the best but for the little money i paid for the combo it was worth it…the nforce drivers are off and deleted…not coming back…xp drivers seem to be fine but the test is to attach my 2 new drives and try to burn…we’ll see soon :iagree: