nForce 4, SATA DVDRW (Pioneer 215) & PATA HDD?



I’m preparing to replace my current DVD-RW drive with Pioneer 215 or Samsung 203x (Pioneer preferred I think). I’ve found some unverified claims about possible problems with optical drives connected to SATA interface AND hdd’s connected to PATA. Is it true? Can I expect some weird beavior with following configuration:

Gigabyte K8NF-9 board (nForce 4),
IBM/Hitachi HDD connected to classic IDE interface,
Planned SATA optical drive mentioned earlier?

Currently I’m not using SATA at all.

Thanks in advance.


You should not have any problems running SATA optical drives on the nForce4 chipset. I’m currently running 2 off of it, and the other 2 connected to hard drives, as well as 4 PATA optical drives.


Simple question, simple answer. Thanks a lot! :slight_smile: