Nforce 4 IDE Drivers

Before I install my Nforce 4 IDE Drivers, I am able to accurately use KProbe and the LiteOn BookType Utility. However, after I install these drivers the LightOn BookType Utility no longer works (Unsupported Drive Detected; Drive detected but is not supported by this program) and KProbe no longer works correctly (Won’t let me change the bitsetting and it wont scan my burns). I’ve also noticed that CDex does not always work correctly, somtimes the drives don’t show up.

I am very sure that it is the drivers because I just reinstalled windows and before I installed my drivers I tested it and it worked perfectly but after it didnt.

Is there any fix for this or should I just try not using the Nforce 4 IDE Drivers? My harddrives are on SATA and its only DVD Drives so I’m wondering if my computer will function normally without those drivers.

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Don’t worry. Your computer will function well with microsoft standard IDE drivers. Many users complain the same issue with nVidia IDE drivers, and the only solution until now is to install standard MS drivers.

I’ve always heard of conflicts with these drivers, and it’s been recommended NOT to use them, but to use the Microsoft drivers that come with your OS. And - of course - I suppose, your computer will function normally with those as well.

EDIT: Alright, I was too slow… :wink:

Thank you very much, will do.