Nforce 4 and burning problems

Has anyone been able to burn dvd’s with your nforce 4 board. If so, how did you do it. I have a pioneer dv-111d and a samsung sh-s162l. Help. I’m about to go office space on my motherboard.

I have an nForce 4 for Pentium 4/D SLI board, and until now it has worked fine with Lite-On SHW-16H5S (LS0R, LS0W, LV4C, LV4D) as Secondary IDE Master :slight_smile:
(There are no NVIDIA PATA drivers, only NVIDIA SATA drivers, and of course I have them installed for SATA’s main advantage, NCQ.)

Im using secondary IDE master as well and the M$ IDE drivers. 80 pin cable as well. I dont know what else to do. It burns the dvd with no problems, but has digital blocks on the image when I play it. I use sony dvd-r.

Sounds to me like it’s a media issue. Do you have another type of disc you can test to see if it’s the discs. Sony Made in Japan or Taiwan?

Also check if you have starforce installed (you never know). AMD 64 nForce 4 and no problems with NEC burner.

Long ago I read here that nVidia IDE drivers were a plague on burners. So when I installed my new ASUS with nForce 4 I specifically omitted the drivers and have had no problems whatsoever. Some people have managed to work with them installed, but I looked at a tester who tried both and could see no performance difference so I figured I would be safe.

If you have the drivers it is possible to uninstall them in the system menu and the MS drivers will reinstall by default.

Could this be the problem. When I start my computer, after the asus bios screen and before windows starts a white box comes up showing the drives installed and for both dvd burners it shows ata 33. But that cant be right, can it? Does anyone else see this?

most likely a media issue, but could be the player too, my standalone will skip/pixilate with every -r I have ever tried (4x cmc, tyg02, tyg03,…I know there’s more but I’m too tired/lazy to think of them :rolleyes: )

I think it’s only a Myth started by somebody that didn’t know what he was talking about, that Nforce driver cause problems with burners. I been using Nforce drivers for years and tried different burners and never had any problems.
And found Nforce chipset MB work better with there own drivers. :slight_smile:

No. Nforce 2 mobo’s had issues. I’ve installed the nforce PATA driver on my NF4-sli mobo, and no issues.

Certainly not a myth as many, many posters here solved their problems when they removed the nForce drivers. More likely related to older versions as Debro stated, none of the posts I read on this problem ever identified which version they had. As I said, given that there is no increase in performance, I stayed with the MS version. Most likely the newer version would have been just fine for my nForce 4.


Well, ATA33 (or UDMA33 or UDMA2) is okay for the Samsung. The Pioneer is a UDMA4 drive (should show as ATA66). To get that mode, you need a 80 wired IDE ribbon cable. Also the Pioneer likes being set as Master and put at the end connector of the IDE cable.


I have an Nforce 4 ultra (Gygabite Ga K8NF9 U) and I have both PATA and SATA. AS I don’t use PATA, I have just de-activated it in my Bios. My IDE is running fine with windows native driver.

This thread in the Plextor forum had troubles with nVidia drivers and a NForce 4 chipset. Uninstalling the nvidia drivers solved the problem. Seems that some people are having luck with newer nVidia drivers and some are not. For the amount of time it takes to roll back drivers I think it’s an obvious thing to try if you are having issues with your optical drives and nVidia chipsets.:wink:

Thanks for the confirmation.

I have honestly tried everything to get my dvd’s artifact free. I just did a fresh install of windows with still no sucess. I am about to give up. The only other thing that could be causing the problem is the chipset. what bios are yall running? im using asus 1013.

Get back to the basics. What media are you using? What application are you burning with? Have you enabled DMA? What speed are you burning at? Have you checked to make sure you have an 80 wire cable? Have you checked a burn with CloneDVD?

I agree with crossg… I would take a serious look at my media. Sony’s latest MIT stuff has been shoddy in my experience.

Shot in the dark: If your burners are on the same IDE cable, disable the Samsung’s Speed Adjustment feature. Actually, just take the Samsung out for a bit. Pio recognized as ATA66 in the BIOS now?

I have an nForce4 Ultra board, too, and here’s my working setup ATM. I’m using the MS IDE drivers.

Nvidia SATA-RAID controller: 4 HDDs (2 of them striped)
SIL 3132 SATA-RAID controller: 1 HDD, other port for HDD drawer
Onboard IDE0: Pio 111D (master), no slave
Onboard IDE1: BenQ 1650 (master), HDD drawer (slave)

111D UDMA4: worked fine even when the drive was slaved to the BenQ on IDE1. I juggled the 5 1/4" bays to get the second HDD drawer installed, and the Pio was able to be put on its own ribbon.

@coathi: I haven’t tried Nvidia’s storage driver since the nForce2 days. It interfered with my PX-716A something fierce.

Sony DVD-R, Easy Media Creator 8.05, Used Nero also and it did the same thing, DMA is enabled( pioneer at udma4 and samsung at udma2), Burning at 16x, I have an 80 pin cable. I have tried the pioneer by itself and it didnt fix anything. I have not used CloneDVD.

Did I miss it? Where your Sony’s made in Japan? I would also not rule the media out as the issue.

Fwiw I have an NF4 (ASUS A8N5X) and I had a working Pio 111D/L in there no problems like you describe. But I use eide drives with MS drivers. No sata.

Have you tried burning the file with another writer? If it looks good = not the M/B.

Not familiar with Easy Media Creator… Have you used this program with other writers? Because it makes me wonder if there is not a setting in the software that is creating the artifacts. Or perhaps if the sw is new it’s the cause of the issue.

Have you tried turn off or disconnecting all Peripherals and disabling onboard sound stuff (like sound, LAN)… basically everything you can? Turn off a/v. And then try burning with only the necessary running?

On a lesser note - have you checked the burst rate of your drive with DVD CD Speed? Are there different sata drivers you can try?