Nforce 3 boards are crap!

hehe now I have your attention. I finally took back my 2 gigacrap nvidia nforce3 250 ultra boards (first went dead on me, second was working) and got a VIA K8T800 Pro Chipset board the Asus A8V deluxe. With all the instability of the nforce drivers the random lockups, the mysterious delayed write buffer errors, etc. was driving me batty. The straw that broke the camels back was when I installed 5.10 nforce drivers then upgraded xp to sp2 and the computer would blue screen on boot! :frowning:

It all went away with my new board…and the great thing is the new board booted right up and all I had to do was install the 4in1 drivers. Really nvidia should stick to video cards. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hehe, glad things worked out with a new board Jamos. I also have the VIA K8T800 chipset, and it’s always done well for me.

heh, phear nVidia’s driver support :-p points at old thread

nforce boards can be extremely stable as long as you avoid nvidia’s IDE drivers like the plague. My nforce 2 board definitely is, my friends nforce 3 is, too.

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I think you (Jamos) had some bad luck with the Gigabyte boards. Don’t blame that upon the NF3 chipset ;). I haven’t met a single instable NF3 system yet.

BTW… VIA K8T800 (pro) is a good chipset as well. I have the regular version (s754) myself and I’m pretty satisfied with it. Rock stable, good performance, enough features etc. Nothiung to complain about…

Have to agree with the above. I have an Nforce 3 board it’s the MSI Neo Platinum and it’s perfeactly stable. Main thing wit the board is you need a strong PSU and stable memory. My apps and games run fine. Also if you go to nvidia’s website or to they fixed many issues with their latelst nforce drivers. I have the nforce 5.10 drivers and they make my computer run pretty nice.

If you want to overclock your A64, and the Sempron 3100+ (caution, engineering sample) overclocked like a dream, then you need the fixed PCI frequency of the Nforce 3

I guess you mean the PCI/AGP frequency lock :wink:

The rev. 2 of the A8V does have locks and they work.

I am running a AMD64 +3500 newcastle 939 pin @ 270x9 at 2.43 ghz

I can hit 2.5 ghz and over no problem but my cooling is not so great (but silent).

This has been a awsome board so far.

Yeah, Rev. 2 of the A8V does have AGP/PCI lock.

I wish INTEL would design a board for AMD chips, but for some reason I don’t think it will every happen :bigsmile: . It would be pretty sweet tho :iagree:

If Intel did (assuming they’d be willing to undercut their own CPU product line), how many hard-core geeks do you think would buy one? A lot of people would stay away on principle to prevent a monopoly. Intel would be damned if the boards sold, and damned if they didn’t.

Personally, I’m glad Intel hasn’t gotten into the game. The AMD chipset market is much more competetive and I’m glad for that.

My post was a joke, because I think it would be a cold day in H3ll before Intel would make boards for AMD’s. But it would be sweet if they did.

well I never got this speed encoding with my nf3 board…maybe because this board uses a promise sata controller? (and your right it is probably more gigabyte than nvidia that is the cause of my problems with my nf3). I was looking at the MSI nf3 neo2 platnum 939 but decided on this board.

Blah I take back all the bad things I said about my nforce3 board. after having issues still with my KT800 pro board I decided it must be corrupted software. Reinstalled os and put back in my nforce3 250 ultra board. Runs like a champ! I am sorry Nvidia please do not hate me! :bow:

I was surprised you’d been having the problems you did Jamos unless the board was defective. Good to see that it’s not the chipset, though. NForce has been a solid platform for me. I’d consider an NF3 board, but I’m waiting for the NForce4 platform, so I can do one single long-term upgrade.

Only thing NVidia really needs to do in chipsets to get their act together is to get their IDE drivers up to snuff. Amazing that nothing other than the original WinXP Microsoft drivers have gotten the DMA transfers right.

But then again, nForce4 doesn’t offer a jack compared to other competitors except a lot worse support.

A lot worse support how? Aside from basic drivers, support is on the shoulders of the mobo company, not NVidia. The one thing I don’t like about NForce4 at this point is the onboard audio, and NOBODY has really good onboard audio anymore, nor are they likely to. I’d probably go with a PCI-slot solution and drop onboard altogether.
True, we haven’t seen enough specs on NF4 to guarrantee its perfection; I’ll be waiting until a few good boards are in the channel. I’m not saying VIA makes horrible chipsets either by saying that I currently plan on an NF4 solution. But I can’t see how NVidia’s support has been so lousy for their chipsets other than their IDE drivers.

^^Agree completely. NF4 is just the NF3 + PCI-E and SLI anyway, but NF2 has proved to be excellent, as has NF3. Their IDE drivers are working well for me too… musta gotten lucky.
BTW, LoneWolf, how’s that GMail account going?
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@ LoneWolf15
Well, most importantly drivers. The still haven’t figured out how to write IDE drivers for the Win32 platform which is pretty since they’ve attempted for several years.
nVidia also seems to be quite poor at releasing documentation, just look at Linux/BSD. No native network drivers or audio drivers, instead you have to rely on 3rd party drivers and what will happen when nVidia decides to ditch the support? As for onboard audio C-Media (CMI) seems to have some audio codecs featuring a Dolby Digital Encoder which will make it essentially the same as “SoundStorm”.

Bhairav, thanks for asking. I’ve shifted from Hotmail to GMail, and am pretty happy, esp. what with Hotmail’s poor 2MB > 250MB migration, and dropping WebDAV support (it also made my migration from Outlook Express to Mozilla Thunderbird an easy choice as well). :slight_smile:

One report I have heard on the NForce4’s hardware firewall (now dubbed ActiveArmor) is it is far less CPU intensive under load. This sounds odd to me, well, not really as much as it sounds odd that the NF3 should have any load at all with a hardware-based firewall, but that’s what I have read. Also, the SATA channels have been upped from 1.5GB/sec to 3GB/sec, with improved RAID. Of course, the transfer rates is higher than a drive can probably do. What I’m hoping for is that the NForce4 will add Native Command Queuing support to their SATA setup. And finally, the NF4 chipset will probably have a better SLI setup for their Geforce 66xx/68xx graphics cards, though that will benefit some more than others. Not sure whether I’d consider an SLI setup or not.

As for audio, unless you have a Dolby Digital speaker setup, you’re stuck going through analog anyway. I have yet to see an incredible onboard DAC chip on any mainboard including SoundStorm ones. Unless you have a 5.1 speaker setup (I don’t have the space and despise cable clutter) or can afford Klipsch’s top-end 2.1 setup (the only 2.1 set I know with digital connects) or the cost and bulk of a receiver/speaker set with digital connects, a separate sound card with a better onboard DAC will produce higher quality analog results anyway. Kind of a shame.