NForce 2 & SW IDE 2.46



Hi all,

I know this problem has been discussed at length on these forums but I have a little info that may help people in trouble.

I really had to install my SW IDE drivers because the MS ones would only detect my drive as PIO, no matter what i did.

When I installed the SW IDE things were ok. But guess what? yep, Constant crashes, rebooting on startup etc etc etc - you get the drift.

So I start in safe mode and have a look at the services. I start by disabling 1 service - guess what - PEACE ON EARTH!!! yep, the service was - Creative service for CDROM ACCESS, I simply disabled that and now my system is fine.

So if anybody is using an Audigy for example (cos it batters the sound storm rubbish!!) try disabling that service and see how you go on.

Have fun.