Nforce 2 liteon test





Hi guys
I have questions two please?

  1. Does the motherboard drivers have any influence on the dvd burning?
  2. Does the motherboard drivers have any influence on the Kprobe2?

I’ll show you the test a made with kprobe2

1.Morpheusware remix drivers
2.Nemesis 3.14b remix
3.MSI nForce Win2K/XP driver package 4.08

1:riteck 2x 811


2: same disk


3:same disk


1:Sorry but i made a mistake with the first picture, is a wrong picture, I lost the right one, but it is similar :bigsmile: :bow: :bow: :bow:


All I can say is that you should NOT use the Nvidia IDE driver but the standard M$ one.


I’ll second that. Do a search and you’ll find some references to the Nvidia causing probs. I know it did for me. You need to roll it back to the MS inbox driver - I haven’t had any probs since then (touch wood).


Originally posted by Revhead
You need to roll it back to the MS inbox driver - I haven’t had any probs since then (touch wood).

Could you explain how to do that please?


Originally posted by Restorer
Could you explain how to do that please?

Originally posted by debro
Right click on my computer->Properties->

Hardware tab->Device manager (middle -right)

Expand IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers

Will have intel / Via / nvidia Ultra ATA storage controller (or similar)

Don’t do the primary or secondary channels. They are children of the main.

Right click on the Via /Intel / Nvidia Ultra ATA / IDE controlller and select “Update driver”.

Then select “install from a list or specific location”-> next

Select “Don’t search. i will choose the driver to install” -> next

Select “standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller (or similar)” -> next

Reboot machine to take effect.




many thanks


I have no problems with the latest NV ide driver yes older versions had problems but they seem to be fixed with the latest. at least I am having no problems


Try opening kprobe with the newest nvidia s/w ide drivers,instant reboot on my nforce2 board.No problems with ms ide drivers.


No problems in kprobe here I was using this driver when NV released it as a beta driver so I have been using it for a lil while and have yet to have burning issues on my nf7-s.


I have an ASUS A7N8x with the very latest NForce drivers and the latest Κprobe .NO problems at all. I have to admit that the results and the burning is a bit better comparing to my old VIA KT333 mobo and its controllers.


I’m also running the nForce2 IDE drivers (and the latest KProbe) on my A7N8X Deluxe. No problems whatsoever. (except the usual Adaptec ASPI not detecting the drives – Nero’s ASPI layer works fine.)

I’ve tried burning with and without NVIDIA’s IDE, and checking quality with and without, and found no significant difference whatsoever.


I have the lastest nVidia nForce2 IDE drivers also and I have no problems burning… They are better optimized for the nForce2 boards which free up CPU power… Ive seen better encoding times using them and my burns are about the same or slightly better…

If you have a problem with KProbe2 detecting your drive, just use the SPTI driver rather than the ASPI driver… You should be able to scan the media…


The newest nforce2 s/w ide drivers still causes my system to reboot after i open kprobe2.


Sounds to me like more than just ide driver problem at issue


No other problems at all with my ide other than what i stated.Only with kprobe and nvidia ide drivers installed is the problem.


It may be board related… Your not the only one having the same problems… A system reboot is caused by a conflict with the software and drivers installed… Try KillASPI and reinstall your ASPI and see if that works… By default, ASPI is loaded when you first run KProbe2… Better yet, while running with the MS IDE drivers, set KProbe2 to SPTI and then install the nForce2 drivers… Then try running KProbe2 again… This should make KProbe2 disregard reading the ASPI drivers first…


Thanks for the tip,kprobe doesnt crash with SPTI set,just hope cd burning doesnt turn to crap like it did with the earlier nvidia drivers,have to wait till i get my burner back from rma,it stopped reading certains dvd+r and was causing errors on most of my dvd+rw.