NFC on Samsung Galaxy S3

Hi all,

I’ve just received my dual sim adapter.
I have two sims, an italian one and and uk one, I live in Italy.
I’ve moved from my main sim, the italian one, to the second.
After that, menu of the app didn’t work anymore, so when I restarted the phone the app disappeared and now I can’t use the italian sim anymore with the adapter.

While the italian sim has internet connection, the uk sim haven’t it, although
I’ve tried to connect to a wifi network as well.

Is it possible to download and reinstall the app?

Please help me

which model are you using?

which model are you using?[/QUOTE]

Hi chaijen,

problem solved.
When the app stopped to work, maybe by mistake I selected 007 mode so the app disappeared, then I had to call 007 number to re-activate STK mode.

Thanks anyway.