Nexxtech DVD-R from Circuit City Scan

After Googling Nexxtech (Circuit City’s House Brand) for results I only came up with this thread CDRLabs Forum with lots of advise to stay away from cheap media. Well I’m cheap so I decided $6.98 was okay to gamble on a 25pk.

The results look pretty good to me. Maybe a year from now it’ll turn to dust, but for now it seems like pretty good media for the NEC 3540A burner.

Media Brand: Nexxtech
Burner: NEC 3450A using stock firmware v1.01
Reader: Lite-On 1673S using stock firmware JS0B
Software: Burned from an ISO Image using DVDDecrypter 3.5.1

now try that liteon to burn and scan, see what u get

:slight_smile: Oh I’m quite certain it would be crap. Without a doubt that was the worst burner I’ve ever owned. It’s been relagated to scanning/ripping and probably soon a paper weight.

Seriously though I bought the Lite-On based on NewEgg reviews (big mistake). I don’t belive the Lite-On burned a single DVD that would play in my standalone from beginning to end without stuttering, skipping, or just ejecting mid-movie. Shortly after I learned of this great site and a few others when I made the informed decision to buy the NEC and so far it hasn’t let me down once even burning this Nexxtech crap media. :smiley:

I’ve got some free time today so why not. I burned a new DVD with the Lite-On then scanned it with the Lite-On. Results look good with a quality score of 95. BALONEY! I popped the DVD in my standalone and it is unwatchable. So I decide it’s better to scan in the NEC. Check this scan out. Complete crap with a quality score of 0.

So now I’m thinking what about the NEC burned DVD that I scanned with the Lite-On. I rescan the disc in the NEC from last night’s post to see what it looks like. Although PIE/PIF numbers are higher the quality score is 96.

My theory here is that Lite-On is very forgiving of scanning media that was written with a Lite-On. Regardless of all scanning, I watched the DVD burned with the NEC and the picture is flawless.

Hmm, interesting!

(Just a note for the future… hit the disk icon in the upper right corner to save your scans to PNG… smaller file and much easier on the eyes.)

Thanks for the tip. Easier than my method too.

liteon with good media will provide exellent burns