NexxTech DualLayer 8x

Any idea what this NexxTech DL media could be?

Probably Ritek D01 I’d bet but I don’t have any here to look at. It burns OK in my LG and Pioneer drives, at least the 111 and h22 but the rest of them it’s not so good for. If you have either of those it might be OK no matter what it is, they seem to do well with any DL crap media I have here.

Those are fake RICOHJPN D01 made in Hong Kong. Real RICOHJPN is always Made in Taiwan.

I was considering giving these a try, but based on the reviews on at CC alone, I think I’ll stay away.

Verbatim MKM DL media is the first choice for DL

CMC MAG D01 would be a second choice if you have a good burner for them

RICOHJPN Made In Taiwan DL media would be of third grade and hit or miss

Now : Imagine a third grade DL media being faked :eek:

CMC MAG D04 is also acceptable. :wink:

Under what brands can you find CMC MAG D04?

The thing I love about MKM 001 is that it’s cheaper than MKM 003, but can still be burned at 4x or 6x safely.

The problem with all other 2.4x DL media is that it only burns at 2.4x. Too slow. That means that the only decent choice for non-MKM DL media is 8x. That means you only have two choices, RICOHJPN D01 and CMC MAG D04. However, while it’s easy to find the Ricohs, the CMCs are almost non-existent.

I should have written : CMC MAG D0x :bigsmile:

negritude : The only brand that I can think of and that has been consistent CMC media brand is [B]HP[/B]

I just checked the Dynex media I have and yes it’s Ricoh D01, not Ritek. My Samsung 203b also hates it, My LG makes terrible looking scans, but good working as far as playback even at 8x so depends on the drive, fake mid or not.


For me worked Datawrite Titanium with MID CMC MAG D04. :wink:

What burner/speed/burning app ?

I need some DL media and I can not find Verbatim while HP is available (2.4X CMC MAG D01) for 5$ per disc :sad:

Pioneer 111/L.
Only 2.4x I believe.

Thank you very much chef :slight_smile:

The ones i have are SL 16X +R and they are Media ID: AML-003-00. I use these to give to ppl then tell them to throw them out. I have no problems burning them on a 20A1P and no coasters but for $8.99 a 50pk i thought i’d try them. When i looked them up online it said 4th grade media junk throw in garbage. :slight_smile:

Here is a TRT for the CMC MAG D04.