Nexxtech 50PK Spindle DVDR 8.99 at CC

Nice price, but what are they? :rolleyes:
A search in the media forum and this one provided very little info.

here is a start

MCC were found in Nexxtech 16X, I saw CC ads, it states 8X so I did not even bother with it. There is a 25% coupon off Media for CC floating around, google it you might find the coupon to sweeten your deal

I stopped at circuit city to buy a new power supply and they would not honor the 25% off
coupon for the nexxtechs since they were already on sale. I left and skipped the power supply and picked up the 500 watt Smartpower 2 Antec they had on sale at CompUSA
for $59.99 after a $25.00 rebate. I am sure I could of probably found one cheaper but
I wanted to get my computer running asap.

I think most of the 50 packs have been made in Korea and were not that good. Its the 25 packs that you can find mcc. If you can find any made in tiawan -r 50 packs though, defanatlly look at the link sober1 gave as it is a great price for mcc media.

Wonder why that stuff didn’t pop up when I did a search myself…
I know I spealled nexxtech right. :rolleyes:

Oh yeah, forgot about the coupon, I think it is one time use only. I think each coupon has a unique code from Circuit City. It happened to my last year too when I presented the coupon, the manager manually overrode it for me, but for my friend, They refused to honor it because the code has been used.

25-packs are made in Taiwan CMC MAG E01, CMC MAG. AE1 and sometimes MCC 02RG20.

50-packs are something horrible made in Hong Kong.

There is no good media made in Hong Kong, so don’t waste your time.

The Hong Kong/China discs are AML002 (+R) and UME01 (-R). I’ve used AML002 from a couple of brands and the UME01 from ‘Playo’ brand. I’ve burned hundreds of the AML002 discs and maybe 40 of the UME01 discs and while they aren’t great, they burn decent and I’ve had zero deterioration issues. Both typically burn with between 800-1500 total PIF, no high peaks, and low PI totals in my Benq, NEC, and Liteon burners so I can’t complain at all for being cheap media. I wouldn’t spend close to $20 per 100 with all of the deals going around, but if you can get them very cheap they are alright.

I have used these type discs in the past in two ovation and my experiences with them are satisfactory and I could say except for Fuji, Verbatim, Sony NexXtech ranks top among the rest, the DVD+R ones are manufactured by Verbatim and have MID as MCC 03RG20 and I highly recommend them.

the DVD+R ones

I think you mean DVD-R. :wink:

dont forget the MID MCC03RG20 can also be found under prodisc brand media. I bought a spindle of prodisc and they were MCC03RG20

the serial numbers (or what ever it is) on the hub seem to be a pretty positive way of telling mcc. It has worked for nextech, office max, and others and personally, I know a few have had bad experiences with cheap mcc, but myself and at least some others have had great luck. Just go to the links already give on how to tell mcc (reguardless of brand as long as you can see the hub, as in its not blocked by packaging).

a quick note to all the Nexxtech 50pk spindle dvd-r at cc is really
4x i’v check with dvdinfo.

Benz, you prolly went to the slow selling CC, I guess this is highly YMMV for spotting MCC media.

That’s just what your burner sees, in a drive that supports them properly they are 8x. This is under the assumption that they are UME01.