Nexus 10 case recommendations

Hi all.
I’m considering buying my first tablet and have been looking at some online reviews.
The Nexus 10 seems to be getting some really good reviews so at present I’m almost hooked on that one.
Before I buy a Nexus 10 I’d be interested in the forums views on a good case/stand for it.
My main requirements would be: 1, that it can display in landscape and portrait modes, 2, It has at least three display angles, 3, All ports can be accessed whilst in the case, 4, It has a wake / sleep function and 5, The quality is at least decent.
I have seen loads of cases/stands advertised online but not many have comments attached to the product and I’d prefer not to buy blind.
Any recommendations would be appreciated.

rim rim

I know I know I am slow with the reply, but anyway: