Next Xbox delayed due Sony blocking Blu-ray licensing?

Next Xbox delayed due Sony blocking Blu-ray licensing?.

[newsimage][/newsimage]The next Xbox might be delayed because Sony has an exclusive license for the console market.

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Awww… will we see TV ads similar to cable-company-vs-network contract deals that fall thru?

Something like, “You’re going to miss Madden 2014” or “You can’t watch the umpteenth BLADE RUNNER Director’s Ultimate Special Theatrical Edition Cut by Freddy Kruger’s 25th Anniversary”?

I saw that NYAN CAT was suing Warners for copyright infringement - geez, a studio misusing intellectual or artistic property again?!! Wot a shock! Once NYAN merges with ANGRY BIRD, I bet they’ll DRM up that sucker so Cinavia 2.0 won’t even play it!

I call Bull$hit.

This would be monopolistic behaviour, and would be heavily clamped down on if it was the case.

The governments of the world would mop the floor with Sonys blood, if Sony prevented access to competing console manufacturers in this manner.

Also, Sony doesn’t own the bluray standard, they’re just a co-owner, and other partners want their licensing royalties.

Doesn’t every country have some kind of exclusive patent rights for a certain period of time before other companies can’t make generic versions etc…

Bluray only 7 years old… it could be protected by patent in a number of countries.

I think the intent of those types of rules is to allow companies that R and D stuff to have exclusive rights to their inventions for a period of time. It doesn’t stop them for agree to license out their own stuff, but does protect them from having clones arrive on the market.