Next weeks ads notice

I will not be posting the ads until further notice (hopefully not more than 2 weeks), and I may not be around to post why or what is going on. Time Warner security has shut down my internet twice. the first time was because my ip was trying to gain unauthorized access to servers and the second was because it was sending huge amounts of spam email. Obviously it is due to some malware. As this computer shows no signs of problems anymore (except for you have recovered from a serious problem every time I reboot), I’m going to have to reinstall on all 4 computers. I wouldn’t think of posting as I might pass something along, but further, I am minimizing internet usage as if they shut me down again, they will force a drive format (or so they say) and I need to do it on my schedule, so minimum internet usage and the cables will be disconnected the rest of the time.

I’ll give you an update when possible.

Thank you for ur update ripit. we’ll be waiting for ur return.

Hope everything goes well on your project,

thanks for keeping us informed

Good Luck, It sounds like one hell of a mess.

Yes, good luck and thanks

Best of luck!

wow. hope everything works out for the best for ya. take care and good luck.

Don’t stress ripit; Do what you got to do. I know what you have to go through. My family, Someone is always screwing their pc up. And I’m the (FREE) tech. LOL Later