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No media at cvs or bestbuy. I’m not sure if the staples ad is a misprint or not. 20$ for 50 dvd doesn’t sound like a sale price (maybe its suposed ot be a 100 pack). Anyway, sonys and verbatims plus some od brand if you like those.

Here you go.


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The Staples ad is correct; it’s $9 off the normal, hyperinflated price. The best deal by far is the OfficeMax $20 Verb 100pks, hopefully they will have some Taiwan made -R spindles there.


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[QUOTE=TLOE;2126098]The Staples ad is correct; it’s $9 off the normal, hyperinflated price.[/QUOTE]

That’s still not a real sale when every other brick and mortar retailer in the states sells a 50-pack of media for $14.99 or $12.99. I swear those have to be misprints because they are so far off the mark. $24.98 for a 50-pack of Sony? What kind of crack are they smoking?

I think it’s some kind of Mad Men style psychological experiment to see just how stupid and uninformed people are about market pricing. I guess they figure if eBay works with overinflated pricing, they can do the same thing at the retail level.


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