Next weeks ads (9/10/06 US)

Someone was hoping for verbatims at office max last week. You got your wish but unfortunatlly they are 17$ a pack. They come with a free travel optical mouse so that probably explains the higher sale price (so not quite really free). Verbatim dvd light scribe at bestbuy. Magnavox, tdk, hp, sony, fuji, OD etc. at other stores.

Though not nesasarilly great deals (or maybe they are?), a few things that caught my interest.
The original star wars movies on dvd (original theatre version). I’m not going to rush out an buy them but its kind of cool that they finally released them. I might have to rent them.
Maybe this is old news and I missed it but there is a new expantion pack to dungeon seige 2 (broken worlds) for 18$ at circuit city (20$ at best buy). That one I am going to rush out and buy.

For any of you that might still be running win98 on any of your computers, win xp upgrade 100$ - 70$ upgrade rebate = 30$ at office depot(requires proof of previous version). I would hope the rebate is on the level if it is a microsoft rebate (they certainly have enough money, they don’t need to screw us further but who knows). I’m still kicking myself for not getting another copy when circuit city had it for 50$ with no rebates a while back.

Anyway, here they are (got all the normal ads by the way).

A heads up for next week. I do not work next saturday so hopefully they will be out early (I’m shooting for 3:00). You never know though as sometimes I get tied up with other stuff on my day off, but I’ll try to get them out as early as possible.

Thanks as always!

Thanks very much for posting this. Good stuff, to be sure.

Do the package differences of CMC vs Prodisc Verbatims apply to 50 pack spindles as well? Or are the usual differences only on 25-pack spindles?

I’ve never bought 50-pack verbs before, so I’ve only seen the differences on 25-pack spindles.

Thanks for posting. Now I know what to buy today :slight_smile:

Should apply to all.

thanks ripit, pretty early this week, I guess everything is going well for you

thanx ripit you are the man!!!

Nice job ripit, thanks as usual!!

Thanks very much, ripit. :bow:

(I’m embarrassed to admit how much I’ve come to depend on your Saturday posts)

Thanks for all the time you spend on us every Saturday ripit. It’s very much appreciated! :bow:

Stupid Office Max :disagree: , Smart Ripit :iagree:

BTW, Microsoft is getting together with system manufacturers and will offer a coupon for a free upgrade to Vista on Vista ready machines. This starts near the end of October. Anyone buying a system might want to hold off as Vista promises to cost nearly 1/3 the price of the total system. Sure Bill, I am [I]really[/I] eager to pay $400 for the complete version.

Nice, with more bloatware and bugs added to be sure.

Ripit, sorry to bother you, any good deals on laptops??? Preferrably dedicated video card. Sony at Staples for $12.98 would be a good deal of the week, coupons for ink cartdridge sweeten the deal.

finaly get to put my Office depot 1/2 off OD media coupon to use good thing cause it expires the 16th i can get 50 packs OD media for $6 a peice makeing it $12 for 100 pack of decent media

I had to work at 2:00 today (same as last week) so I had to really rush and make sure I got them done before then (my work scedule vary’s). About the laptops, unfortunatlly I’m not sure what is a good deal on a laptop. I only run and am only really farmiliar with desk tops. they are all posted though. I never skip computer related stuff. the only kind of stuff I skip is stuff like office supplys, appliances, cel phones and services like vontage/comcast etc. I always post all computer, video, audio, media type stuff.

If it’s the RICOHJPN R03, I’ve had very good luck with that recently. My Pioneer 111D really likes it.

I’ve got a benq 1655…does it matter if I get the + or -? I had a coupon code (88555135) that gave me buy one get one free (which also comes out to $6) but it was only on the - type. I heard benqs prefer +? Anyways, I ordered 2 spindles - and one + for $6 each.

I’ve tried only the R03 (+R) in my BenQ 1650. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to like that flavor of RICOHJPN. But drives vary. Perhaps you’ll have better luck. Strangely, my Pioneer loves RICOHJPN R03.

But you may not even get RICOHJPN. OD has sold RITEK P16 (+R) and RITEK F1 (-R) as their branded 16x DVD media at times.

I purchased several hundred of the RICOHJPNR03 discs a few months back (under the Office Depot brand name). I write them at 12x in my Benq 1655 and LG-H10N. The LG produces better looking scan results, but the Benq produces movies which play back perfectly despite average scans – total PIF over 1000, total PIE over 100,000.