Next weeks ads (8/5/07 US)

Thanks Ripit. K-Mart has the Sonys DVDs on sale for $14.99 this week.

thanks ripit
nothing seem appealing this week

If you can find some Sony MIJ media then there is. Got 200 media Sony branded T02.

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Actually, the Sony T02 25-packs with a PM at Staples are the better deal when K-Mart puts them on sale. About $12 per 50 instead of $15. I’d wait for those.

Computer Essentials +R 16x 25 packs at Walgreens priced $8.99 this week are RicohJPNR03 – I had a discount coupon in addition, so I grabbed a pack. Batch code was DO711.

Nice! I thought they were some other crap disc so I never thought of trying them.

Do you have any idea what the -R might be?

Can you see the hub code through the cake pack??

@megadeth – Yes, I’ve been meaning to try these for a while, but they usually pretty expensive regular price.

Yes, you can see the hub code through the cake pack top to confirm they are Ricoh as there were no spacers on top. I suspect the -R are RitekF1 with Fuji dye, but I did not check.

Are you guys buying these test or something? I know its none of my business, but I have to know why would you buy these when you can buy the Verbs for a couple bucks more, I mean OM had 16XVerbs in the 100spindle for about 15.00 after the brown bag discount? Are these better?:disagree:

Can some one tell me what a brown bag discount is??

This week at Office Max they give you a brown paper bag ( like the kind you put grocerys in) and everything you can fit in it, you get a 12% discount.:iagree:

That seems like a killer deal. I just bought 50 verbs for $14.99 and thought I got a good deal (turned out to be papa so and burn great though)

Can some one tell me if looking for the same cakebox and open lock writing will be the same on 50pk and 100pk of verbs?? I am new to this and it takes a lot of reading to know what to look for. I would like to get the papa verbs again if possible?

From his scan and from the PIF blocked scans that I’ve seen from Verbs 100 pack of OM , I’d say : Yes :stuck_out_tongue: j/k
My Verbs were Prodisc though and I think that Verbatim is better than RICOH (quality scans aside) :wink:

Guys , I really need to go to USA and believe me , if that happened , you will not find quality media in 3 States :bigsmile:

@alan – RicohJPNR03 is a favorite of mine, especially with the LG22N which actually burns them usably at 16x. I’ve had plenty of batches of Verbatim that were poorer quality with PIF well into the 1500’s. I like to experiment with all the brands that are available that rebadge Ricoh to see if there are any performance differences. So far, I think the Office Depot branded are the best for me due to the price:quality ratio.

On a side note, I have a shredder that shreds DVDs. The Verbatim’s go through the shredder with ease, but sometimes the Ricoh are so tough that the shredder gets hung. These are great discs – don’t knock them!

The discount is actually 15% (12% is what Staples does with their Associate Discount). The specially marked paper grocery bags were to be found in your Sunday paper.

You are correct, I was just typing from memory and when you get to be my age a mistake is bound to happen. The discount is 15% as negritude said.

For myself yes I would use for testing and reviews.

I already have a lifetime supply of Verbs and TY’s :smiley: