Next weeks ads (8/5/07 US)

This is a media preview and a test only (changed how I’m doing things to try and save time). Full scans will be up in about an hour give or take, right now, only the media tab works.

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The only interesting thing would be the possibility of a 115% PM on the 25-pack Memorex DVD+RW media at OfficeMax, using the Office Depot $9.99 price. Media code is most likely INFODISCA10.

Full scans are up (on the original link in the first post). to avoid confusion, there is no media at office max (no ad at all), only a 15 percent off bag, and the last media scan (looks like color cd’s or a flash drive) is target, not radioshack. Same issue on the last tab, target, not radio shack. There is not compusa either (the one scan that shows up is not compusa).

Fyi I know there are some things that look like errors, and I am aware of them (kind of testing this week). If I get it working right, it should cut a good half hour or more off my time. All scans seem to be up and good.

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That UPS at Best Buy looks promising as I need to replace my current one. The last time the power went out my computer went off immediately. :a

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The batteries have probably died if it’s over a few years old. If it’s a good quality unit it might be worth replacing them. Frys and e-bay sometimes have good prices on them and some geek surplus shops sell them cheap. The OEM ones usually are spendy but generics and surplus ones can be more then half price.

Also, in terms of an UPS, be on the lookout for clearance prices on non-LCD models of APC and other brands. Many folks have gotten great deals on perfectly good units, because stores were moving them out to make way for the new generation with LCD displays.

I have done that as well. The older APC 1500 va units have gone down below 100 then they have a big rebate as well. I got one for like 30 bucks after a coupon and rebate deal. Was cheaper then new batteries for my OLD but good apc 1400pro UPS.
Check Slick Deals and Fat Wallet, they always post great deals on these and many other things.