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Had to work this morning so I’m doing it now. Here is the media preview, will have the rest scanned and up in an hour and a half or so.



office depot

office max


I know how to do the html but excell is conflciting with norton av or adobe so I’ll give manual links when I get done. Should have the html worked out by next week (or maybe tonight but I’ll work on it after the ads are up and post a link if it works).

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Anybody know what the Office Max DVD media is?

The +r is mosier baer which is pretty good stuff (make sure it is made in india). The -r is fujifilm (wouldn’t recomend it).

I’ve used Office Max 8x +R Made In India before: MBIPG101 R04 (Moser Baier). Really inconsistent scan results for me (some as low as 50 PIF to as high as 1,000+ on Benq 1620; PIE’s are at least consistently <10k).

Bought 2 spindles, and returned the unopened one. The Staples MII stuff was a little more consistent. But …

In general, MBI inital scans look very nice, but I’ve noticed after a couple months, lots of PIF’s ‘growing’ at the end of the disc. Your choice. For me, I’m gonna stick to TY/Verb from now on.

pends on your burner and firmware

@ninbang and cnlson, actually I havent tried either. I have a pack of the -r fuji films that I got last time they were on sale but havent gotten around to useing them. They were out of the +r and I was too lasy to go hunting them down at other stores. I was just going on the impressions that I had gotten from what I have heard. With the mosier baer, I have heard mostly good things but maybe thier is higher and lower grade stuff if you are getting good results from some and not others (not exactlly the first time that has happened). I have been wanting to try the mb so I might get a pack anyway, or maybe I’ll hold out for another brand.

here are the ads. Should have the html thing worked out by next week. By the way, I didn’t get a staples ad this week, but the media from their is at the top thanks to jim cooper, he provided the media scans for bestbuy, circuit city and staples.
Also ignore that thier are missing numbers. Paperport automatically assignes the file names when it sends them to photoshop. I still havent figured out why it skips some but I checked and all the scans are there.

office depot

office max



circuit city

If the price is good, I’d get 'em for short term storage or for non-critical stuff/copies because some of the scans are really excellent results.

Btw, my comment of the variation in quality scan results … all from the same spindle (one disc to the next). The Office Max ones (keep in mind, I’ve only bought 1 50pk, so it might not be the same experience for everyone) were much more inconsistent than the MBIPG101 R04 “Staples” branded stuff.

Couple scan comparisons of MBIPG101 R04 (2 months lapse):

  • These are “Staples” branded media, btw (not Office Max)

The 2 month scan is still alright, but it just makes me nervous to see the PIF’s change that much in that short amount of time. I wouldn’t hesitate to use MBI for ‘casual’ burning. For critical / irreplaceable data, I’d probably opt not to. Just my $.02.

Again … this is just my experience … as I know there are those here who really praise MBI media.

Thanks for the info about the Office Max DVD media. Now does anyone know what the Walgreens Maxell media is?

Take it from me, as i sit at my computer reburning disc after disc of CMC, MBI and other crap, the savings from these cheap discs are a mirage. After 6 months, they have all gone to crap. I store them in a safe environment, no heat, sunlight, scratches, hardly used, pristine condition, but when scanned, they show insane amounts of PIE’s and PIF’s.

All these discs are getting reburned on TY. God i wish i knew of this site before i started burning discs. Save yourself the headache, stick to the good stuff, TY and some Verb’s.

With the +r’s, if they are 4x they are usally ricohjpnr01 and 8x are usally maxell002. thier are other things that they have been reported to be but to the best of my knoledge, they are almost always those 2. The ricohs are my all time favorite disks (I cannot count how many hundreds of them I have burned in the last few years). Thats defanatlly what I use for important stuff. Though they are 4x, they burn exelent on my 3500 and my liteon at 8x (and I have heard of them even burning well at 12x). I have gotten good scans with the maxell002 and to the best of my knoledge, they are pretty good, but I have a less experience with those. I’m not sure about the -r (should be mxl rg03 or mxlrg02, maxell media codes) but I’m not certain that is what they always are and have only burned a few.

Fyi I have imation brand ricohjpnr01’s that were burned a few years ago that still scan and play/read great.

ripit. TY for the info and the time you spend providing this info.

Somewhere in my stash I have the rebranded RICOHs as well. However, it seems the best -r media I have is the TYG02 from One can get them for about 40 cents. But I can’t resist the temptation for cheaper media for short term purposes.

Hey ripi. You work to much but great job. I’m sure this is probably mentioned amongst your conglomeration of links, but it’s such a good deal, I thought it was worth mentioning again. And if it was missed, check it out. Our friends at Best Buy are damn near giving Nero 6 away. $19.99 after instant, mail in & upgrade rebates. Thats hard to beat!!! :bigsmile:

Thanks guys!!!

I guess I’ll have to order some TYs online though, nothin but MIT Fuji at BB. :frowning:

Hey DJ…I’m sure you probably know this but just in case go to or for your TY’s :cool:

The nice thing is that thier are not a billion dollars in mail in rebates. the up front price (after instant savings) is only 40$ (not bad at that price for the boxed retail version). with the 20$ upgrade rebate it’s even beter and it doesn’t have to be nero for the upgrade. thier are 4 or 5 other competing programs that will work. Thing that sucks is that they have to be a full retail version with the manual (and you have to cut and send them the title page).

Right on! Thanks bro!!! :iagree: