Next weeks ads (8/27/06 US)

I’m running late again. Good news about next week though (for all of you anyway). I work in the evening so ads will be out by 2:00pm next week.
I stoped by two compusa’s on the way hope from work. What a giant waste of time and gas!!! The blowout clearance items that I was looking for were all gone, even though they show in stock on thier web site (it shows lists for each store). so I checked to see if they had anything else on the list out of curosity. Of course they had some of the stuff that was on clearance for full retail or higher which was a lot of the list (some blowout). Anything that was cheap was gone. So I went to another compusa (one that is closing and has everything a percent off). As others have observed (there’s some talk about it on fat wallet), the stores that are closing have jacked prices up higher than stores that are not closing at least on some items. Several items had the price tag removed (I guess they were behind on printing new shelf labels with bogus higher prices). There were just a few items cheap like a few cold cathods and a few round cables, stuff that had been on manager special for a long time (old stuff they were trying to get rid of). all other computer stuff was top dollar!!! I checked when I got home and the clearance stuff from the first store still all showed in stock.

Anyway, rant over (what a bunch of bullcrap artists).

I got all the ads this week so here they are

on a side note, starting wensday, august 30, big lots will have a refurbished hp psc 1510 all in one printer for 69.99 good sunday and labor day only.
Also through the whole ad, a net gear 54Mbps router for 29.99, and a magnavox refurbished lcd tv 15 inch for 199.99. No model is listed but it looks like this one

I have no idea if these are good deals but they usally don’t get stuff like this so I though I would post it. Decide for yourself. Personally, 15 inch is way too small to be of any good. Also, being a clearance store, if they are a good deal, they might sell out first day so It might not be a bad idea to go early. Though they don’t always volenteer the info, if they are out on the first day, you can get 20% off your entire purchase with an ad guarentee. Be carefull though. Biglots has jacked thier prices up substantially since they got a new ceo and 20% off may still not be a good deal (though there are always a few good deals among the over priced crap).

Just a thought. If they still have the electronics but have sold out of anything else you could get 20% off the electronics. A good item to check are the purple fold away carts for 9$ as they always sell out of those very fast. This is only good the first day and I am assuming the ad guarentee is a national thing (they do it here and there may be signs about it at the check stands).

Thanks for all your work ripit.

Prices seem to be staying low again this week, hope this trend continues!

To bad my Walgreens Maxell 16x DVD+R’s are not Made in Japan I have been wanting to try them.

I checked those colored packs here to and all were made in tiawan. the ones I have seen that were made in japan were normal jewel cased in a normal cardboard box.

Yo ripper-

Again - thanks for all your efforts-eh!

Thanks Rip. :clap:

Thanks Rip as usual. Oh the old days of waiting for TY to be on sale…MIJ Fuji’s, MIJ Sony’s…

Now the only game in town is Verbatims. Nothing else media wise is worth buying anymore.

I agree. But the Sony D21’s are not too bad… Nothing like YUDEN000, tho.

If you want Yuden000-T02-000 Rima has them for 36.99 per 100, add a few bucks for shippin and they are at your door in a few days. If you add in your time and gasoline (4.00 per gallon) They are cheaper online and you know you will be getting the best, I don’t know about you guys and gals but my time and gas is worth more than a few bucks savings you get by running all over the place looking for rebranded deals.


Fortunately for me, I have Staples, CC, BB, OD, CompUSa and OM all within a 5 mile radius of my house. Man did i use to look forward to the weekly media sales at b&m stores.

Believe it or not, I have 3 Staples, Office Max, Office Depot, CC, Best Buy, CompUSA, Sams Club, and Costco, Bjs Wholesale Club all within 5 miles of my home, and none of them, I repeat none have any Ty media except for the Sony TYG-03 rebranded Sony 16X dash media for sale. Maybe you are lucky and can find some old stock of the Yuden000-T02-000 Sony or Fuji Tys on sale but not for me.

Thanks ripit for good work, as for your comment on CompUSA I have never had any fait on sale or rebate in compUSA as I have indicated time and time that they jack the perces %40 then they advertise %20 off or %20 rebate.

My local Sears still has several spindles of Sony-branded T02 but the price is about $30 per 50 pack so I haven’t bought any. Does Sears price match?

For anyone in WI that’s close to Brookfield Square Sears I just noticed 6+ spindles
of Sony Yuden000-T02-000.

I am holding out for Printables so I won’t grab them :slight_smile:

Yes they do price match even if you read the statement in their web site says we do price match

Looks like another indication of media prices coming down. I was in micro center today and they too have dropped the sale price of verbatims to 14$ per 50 and verb dual layer were a little under 2$ each (cannot remember exactlly how much). I wonder what will happen with pricing as we go into the christmas season.

ripit I was in Big & Lots last Sunday I notice their price of DVD+/-R spindle of 50 is completely outrageously high I wonder how they might sell these item at these high prices.

I love those places that sell at really high prices, that way no1 shops there and thus they still have TY spindles left on hand. And whenever they have a sale, you will more likely to find MIJ spindles of 8X Sony/Fuji spindles. Thats how I got a lot of TY CD-Rs from Rite-Aid and Sam Ash.

You would be suprized how many suckers there are out there? Due to a major back injurie, I took the first jobI could get (any wage or I wouldnet qualify for a ch 13 bankruptsy), and I kind of got stuck there… I say stuck, cause I could probably sue for being passed over for promotion (long story but plenty of eveidence), yet I have been there over 5 years… sad and pathetic. Many of the items in our store are bought new (not clearance). It was always that way, but the trend was, sell new items at barlly above cost to stay with the closeout trend. They had so many great closeout deals and your entire purchase would be cheaper. Now, its crap. The only reason that they are holding sales is furniture. I work at one of the higest sales stores in my district, and I’ll tell you, you might as well stop shopping at big lots. There are sweet clearance deals if you look around, but do not expect tofind them on an every day basis anymore.Most stuff is as expensive as other stores, seasonal items have been marked up as muche as 300 percent, and low clearance prices (low as in not good), means the deals are gone. People still buy the stuff though…We usedto have ebay buyers buying up our stuff all over the place…, not any more… the pay is so shitty, I am intending to sell on ebay (starting with mice I got cheap from office depot cause it was a beter deal!!! I see every thing that comes and goes, and I see the good deals… Big lots has some incrediable deals, but if you shop there, you are liklly to get screwed. All the usaule stuff, why not go elsewhere and get a selection???/

Last time I was at big lots all the media was MIC :Z

May be you only looked at unknown brands, they also have other good stuffs in stock and it varies from store to store. May be the store you went to only have crappy stuffs. Some Big Lots carry Sony and Fujis and I haven’t seen MIC Sony or Fujis yet, only MIT.