Next weeks ads (8/20/06 US)

My windows install on my second computer bit it again (it had already been messed up for a while). I finally reinstalled windows and gutted some of the crappier hardware and put in beter stuff that was gutted from my main computer (when I upgraded it). My main computer was fortunatlly already setup to do the ads but unfortunatlly has no internet conection (I don’t want antivirus software etc and internet clutter slowing down my fastest rig). I had a few problems getting everything setup and going (nothing major, the typical stuff) so obviously I’m running late. The good news is fresh windows installs on both computers and the best parts I have installed on them (or will be when I add a few cards to the second one).

Anyway, here they are.

Thanks ripit as always!

I’m always glad to see your posts, ripit. It’s too bad that you have so many computer issues.

Thanks man.

Glad to hear it’s all good now.

Oh yeah, thanks for the scans!

Interesting 100 combo pack cd-dvd’s at Office Depot.

If anyone gets some let us know what the MID is.

I bring a lot of it on myself. I should have reinstalled windows on that computer a year ago rather than doing repair installs to keep it working. Not only was the install a few years old but over time I had installed so many programs that conflicts started to arise. It doesn’t help that I am always changing around hardware between computers either.

Yo ripper-

Thanks again for your fine weekly efforts-eh!

Thanks Ripit : Now I can plan my shopping, and go to bed. You are best.:clap:

Thanks very much, ripit. Your post is always one of the high points of each Saturday! :slight_smile:

it is a good news to see that blank DVD prices start to drop, Microenter has Verbatim for $13.99 per 50 and BB has 100 Sony for $25.99. So the average price per spindle of 50 is around $13. This is a new mark for Blank media. I still have too many blanks left and I haven’t burnt much lately, so I am not gonna bite on any blank media deal until it reaches $10 per 50 and only if I am running low. I learned my lesson on over stocking TY CD-Rs and Mitsui Gold CD-R.

Thank ripit for all your work I read your post here every saturday. :bow: :bow: :bow:

About the Verbatim LS 30 pack , is it made by CMC or Prodisc ?

im thinking out buying the 75 dvd-r and 25 cdr at officedepot for $20 seems like a good time to put my %50 off coupon to use i got from officedepot for officedepot media if it works i will buy 8 packs which is $160 and knock 1/2 off for a grand total of $80 + tax for 600 dvd-rs and 200 cdrs

i would much rater have the extra 25 dvdrs then the crappy cdrs but i know if i wait then they wont have another sale on the house media till after the coupon expires

The OfficeMax on line add has HP 16X DVD 50s for $12.99. Not my choice for media, but some may like the price. Of interest is that they may follow this up with the same price for Verbatim.

Office Depot has 75 DVD + 25 CDR spindle for $19.99 if some1 is interested. Microcenter has Verb for a dollar more than the HP media at OM so it is a better choice. If paying for HP media that much, I would rather wait for staples to have $7 per spindle of 50, CMC made, and with ink coupon, $4 per spindle.

I bought 3 pack of Staples DVD+R about month or two ago and so far I have not been impressed with these disc and their performance, I am thinking twice in buying Staples brand DVD again.

where were they made and what speed were they?

I got 1 spindle each of staples 16x and 8x +r’s (cmc M01 and E01) when they had the sale a couple months back and I’ve had great results with both, only one coaster with the 8x so far (visable dye defects), It’s been the best cheapie media I’ve used yet, I wish I had gotten more :sad: they were free after coupon and Ink

I have had really good luck with the staples e01’s. I have only burned a few m01’s (not staples) so I can’t really say about those. I seem to recall some staples media being made in india or korea so I was wondering if that is what he got (plus I’m not really farmiliar with what they are using for thier 16x media).

They are made in Taiwan and the writing speed is 16X but I have never been able to burn them with either BenQ 1655 or NEC 4551 more than 8X not to mention the burned quality is not that great also.

Any chance those 100 packs of Sony at BB are TO2?