Next weeks ads (8/13/06 US)

Well, looks like verbatims again this week (at office max). I noticed a couple of potentially good deals at best buy. All cyber power ups’s 30-40%off, nero 7 40$ after instant rebate (20$ after 20$ upgrade mail in rebate), and an lg burner for 40$ after instant savings (not as cheap as newegg probably but not to bad for local considering no rebate).

No long comentary this week, here they are.

No long comentary this week?? Comeon!!

hehe thanks ripit!

Thanks ripit!

That LG burner has lightscribe.

Thanks ripit!

is the fujis from bb any good ? $14 for 50 is’nt to bad im thinking about buying 5 packs of them and get the lg dvd burner and apply the %30 off to make it $76.30 for all but i want to make sure the disk ant crap before buying them

Crap. Scoot on over to grab some Verbatims from OfficeMax instead.

30% off coupons, both of the BB’s i went to said that ‘that was last week, we’re all out now’ but then they came up with a coupon book that said ‘buy more than $100 worth of stuff’ & get a discount… Is that what the deal is here?

yeap same deal and i have about 30 30% off coupon books u can find them around the store and the workers station

100 Dynex CD-Rs for $10 at Best Buy, that sure isn’t bad.

Anybody know who makes those Dynex CD-Rs?

Usually CMC. Given the right drive and 16X burn speed they are just about worth the $10.

Thanks, Chas. That’s enough warning for me. I know Ritek makes some of the Dynex DVD media and thought the CD-Rs might be Ritek as well.

You should be able to tell by looking at the spindle if it’s CMC or not. CMC spindles [I]usually[/I] have a big lip on top and a different font for “OPEN” and “CLOSE.”

I hear your pain. I used to be able to get Ritek from Newegg but they have dropped the 100s that sold for $10. Almost everything else under any brand name today is CMC [I]if we are lucky[/I]. I would hardly pay more than $10 per hundred for CMC. Luckily my Plextor Premium does a very good job on these at 16X so I just have to live with CMC being the way it is.

what do u guys thinks about memorex at wallgreens… 13.99 is also not bad.

Anyone use 30% discount on sale items at BB this week?
Want to buy some blank media or some gadget with it

Why do you want to buy Memorex for $13.99 (I assume pack of 50) why you can buy either Verbatim or Sony which both are suprior to Memorex for $14.99?.