Next weeks ads (8/12/07 US)

This is a media preview only, full scans will be up in about 1-1.5 hrs.

Obviously Im pretty late, I had to work late. If you missed last week, I have changed how I am doing the scans. Once I get the bugs worked out and the routine down, it should make things quicker. Also, as the media scans are now separate scans, I can start doing an early media preview every week (earlier than I would be able to post full scans) with very little extra effort.

I’m open to votes how to do the media preview, with a separate post, or in the same post as the full scans (like I am doing this week and last week, I’ll post the preview and then ad a reply when full scans are up).

anyway, here is the media, full scans in about an hour.

Edit, I’m trying something new, scans will be coming up a store at a time (I want to see how long it takes).

Thanks everyweek ripit :bow:
I can get Sony TYG03 from Walgreen :bigsmile:

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Thanks ripit!

18 bucks for 50 TYG03 isn’t that good.

Thanks ripit!
Hope you are not still sick!

I’m doing fine now.

Bestbuy scans are up.

circuit city scans are up.

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25% off on internal Seagate hard drives at BB sounds pretty decent to me.

thanks much for the update. most nice.

Thanks Ripit… Does anyone know if Office Depot still sells Ricoh media in the +R?. Who makes the -RW and +RW Media? Thanks.

the rest are up. I don’t have to work next week so I may try posting the office supply store ads one at a time as they are done to see how long it takes.

Can anyone tell me if the video card at bestbuy is a good card/good deal? It is an x1650 pro 512MB for 99.99 (107.00 instant savings). Its this one if I am not mistaken.

Also, if it has dvi outputs, does that mean that it would work fine with an hdtv for playing hdtv content (with adapter cable if necessary), its going in an htpc? I dont have a high def tv yet but that card looks like it would do the job for a few years so it doesn’t hurt to plan ahead.

Also, I just noticed something on that video card. The item number and the one on best buys site, as well as the one pictured seems to be an ati built card, but in the ad it says visiontek?

I hate to be a pest (thinking of getting it first thing in the morning), but would there be any advantage to getting a card that claims to be hd like this one instead?

Thanks ripit!! :bow:

ripit the x1650 you listed has 512MB DDR2 memory …thats a gimic (ddr2 is much slower/cheaper than ddr3). any of the geforce 7xxx or 86/88xx series would be a much better choice.
I have a 7300GT with 128 ddr3 that is excellent for HTPC and dirt cheap.
theirs sales pretty regularly for 8600GT for under $100 don’t rush into a VC shop around.


i also noticed you linked to one AGP and one PCI-E which are you using in the HTPC ?
AGP cards are more expensive for higher end cards.
this would be my choice for AGP -
I wouldn’t consider a x1650 for $99 a good deal unless it had 256 DDR3

h264 playback seems to depend upon the cpu at least as much as the video card, both need to be rather powerful

I have tested a few mkv’s(high bitrate) and my lowly amd64 @ 2.2 pretty well pegs but then I only have a ati 9600gt

Opps, I didn’t notice that one was agp and one was pci-e. Mine is pci-e. I already have a few decent (not top end but good enough) agp cards. Unfortunately, I have to use that particular abit motherboard (not one of my agp motherboards) because it has 3 pata channels, and 4 sata channels, plus some pretty powerful raid abilities for speed. I already have 7 hard drives in it (about 1.2 terabytes total) and they are about full so I’m going to have to add another. Its currently running a pci (not pci-e) 9250 so there is lots of room for improvement.

Whatever is easy for you ripit

Ripit, if you want a video to output HD content to an HDTV you need a video card with HDCP support, which I don’t think that x1650pro has.

I’d recommend one of the following:

ATI HD2600Pro @ around $90:

ATI HD2600XT @ around $110

Nvidia 8500GT @ around $80

Nvidia 8600GT @ around $115

According to AMD/ATI, the x1650 series of GPUs are HDPC ready, though it may depend on the actual manufacturer of the particular card as to whether or not it is implemented:

but who wants to plays bluray or hd from their computer?

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