Next weeks ads (7/8/07 US) (plus some of microcenter)

I got everything but circuit city and compusa. I saw in another thread that circuit city has tdk dvd’s and I’ll link to compusa. I almost had a little something extra this week, but I had a major homer simpson DOH!!! I got the micro center ad and was going to scan the whole thing, but it turns out I only got half of it (crap), and the half I got is mostly prebuilt computers, not components and media (double crap). I thought It felt a little thin when I was leaving the store (I should have picked up a couple of extras for friends like I usually do if I go up there, but I was in a hurry). I did scan the half I got (last tab). I also scanned an extra target page (not media) that is on the last tab. They have a philips multiformat dvd player for 40$ that I though a few of you might be interested in.

Anyway, here you go.

compusa (credit to wobble)

Fyi, I’m not totally sure if microcenter ad items are good online (some are), but you should be able to check the item number on their site. Make sure to change the search box from description to sku or I think it wont find the item numbers.

sweet! thanks dude

Thanks ripit!

Thanks again ripit!

Thank you sir. Good to see Verbatim on sale at BB again.

Thanks ripit :clap:

Thanks ripit

Thanks every weeks ripit
Your my time saver :bow:
I go get some Verb for tseting meida

Thanks ripit! Time to stock up on verbs again.

Thanks, ripit! I’d sworn off media stockpiling last week, but now I think that only applies to T02. We get Verb sales so infrequently that it would be a shame to pass this up.

Thanks ripit!

thanks ripit

thanks dude. nice.

There’s no need to fear, Underdog is here:

Mucho Gracias Ripit, DL media at microcenter for $16 for pack of 10

Great job ripit and thanks.

On the Verbatim, is it the new packaging at BB yet? What about the -R 16x? Do they have the new style packaging?

No new-style packaging at my local BB. Everything was what looked like Prodisc-made in both -R and +R, with old-style non-Intelliflix packaging. I’ll have to check OfficeMax to see if I can find new-style spindles, and then try a PM. They may give me some hassle because of the different look, but I’ll talk real slowly and then they should get it. :rolleyes:

Thanks Ripit

Thanks ripit :bow:

Just stocked up on some +R verbatim = p I was like the 8th or so person in my local BB this morning lol. Still the old packaging though.