Next weeks ads (7/29/07 US) media only

I got computer problems so I cannot do scans this week. I think its a dead motherboard (ecs board so no shock there). I actually did get the frys warranty so I can get another one for free. I can at least post the media on another computer though.

target 100cd or 50 dvd, sony, 17$.

cvs no media

office depot maxell 15 pack dvd-rw 7.99, ativa dvd 50 pack 12.99, office depot brand dual layer dvd 25 pack 27.99
bogo same item only on ativa cd black 5 pk 3.99, office depot printable cd 10 pack 7.99, office depot cd-rw 10 pk 11.99, office depot dvd 10pk 7.99

ativa cd 100 pk 14.99, office depot brand dvd 100 pack 22.99

sears no media

best buy dynex 25 pk dvd 5.99, verbatim 50 pk vinyl cd-r 8.99, sony dvd dual layer 25 pack 29.99 (I think someone said they had seen some of these that are mis which should be mkm).

circuit city hp, if I read the ad right it is 2 50 packs cd for 10.99 ( though it also says 10.99 ea?), 25 memorex dual layer 39.99, 50 pack hp dvd 10.99

staples memorex 50 cd 8.99, memorex 100 cd 14.98, memorex 100 dvd 24.98, memorex 50 dvd 14.98, memorex 50 slim jewl cases 8.98

wallgreens maxell 25 dvd, 30 cd music, 50 cd 8.99, mini dvd-r 3pk 6.99

office max memorex 100 cd, 50 dvd 14.99, memorex 15 dual layer 2.4x 19.99, 50 slim jewel cases bogo 15.99

I should be able the get the motherboard fixed (or another computer working) long before next week.

Thanks for your hard work :slight_smile:

Man, you do a lot of work for free, my respect man

Sorry about the dead motherboard, bu thanks for getting us the media.

Thank you ripit. You need some new parts man.

Thanks for the posting at least sorry to hear of the mobo dieing. On a new note what is the deal it is a memorex blowout? :smiley:

thanks, thanks, thanks

good luck with the new mb…

Thanks, ripit :bow:

The MB has a frys extended warranty so I can just swap it for a new one in store, no big deal. I have kind of been looking around for a better board that can overclock anyway (got the ecs basically free on a frys combo).

Thanks as always,

Thanks for continuous effort you do very week your dedication for helping other appreciated.

Thanks ript! and goodluck on getting a new motherboard.

Thank you very much ripit , sorry for the MB

You should get yourself another brand of MB , ECS is the worst name that happened in MB’s history !

thank you ripit

Thanks ripit

[B]Thanks ripit![/B]

BTW, ECS mbs can be good - I used them in both of the computers I built for my kids (one was even a refurb) and both are still going strong.

One other thing, does Big Lots still have the RCA 920s on sale for $12? I remember your post a few weeks ago but never got by to pick one up.

cool, thanks ripit. Hope your computer up and running soon

CompUSA has sony DVD media, 100 for $24.99 if any1 cares about sony media or can use this info to price match whereever that they still have sony MIJ remaining in stock

MIJ does not come in the 100-pack. There have been a rare few reported spindles, but that’s about it.

I wouldn’t buy an ecs motherboard unless it was free (or almost free), though since they are usally just about free with fry’s combo, I have used several. I have probably had 3 or 4 doa, and one that died in about 6 months (I guess this makes 2 that have died in less than 6 months). Their newer boards are suposed to be better than their older boards, but they are still kind of crappy quality (you always see stacks of doa ecs returns at the frys return counter). I actually have one with an athlon xp that is several years old that still works (not the greatest performance but they don’t seem to be very buggy, they work fine if they work).

About the RCA VH920 (I picked up 2 even though I only need 1 right now, couldn’t pass up the price), 12$ is the normal price (not a sale price), but not all the stores got them, so its just a matter of looking to see if they have them at your store (or maybe call around if there are several stores in your area). Its quite a find for the price if you can get one and have use for one. You are looking for a red and white box about the size of one of the really cheap compact dvd players (maybe about 12’x14"x3.5"). Since it is not an advertised or sale item, they should hold it for you if you find one calling around.