Next weeks ads (7/20/08 US)



I’m not going to even get into why I’m late today unless you really want to hear me rant, so here ya go (no office max and no media at sears, bestbuy or cvs). Fyi, I’m using new scanning software so hopefully they are ok (and should be better next week). I didn’t realizes that I had uninstalled the old software and forgot to install the new software till I started scanning (I really don’t have it setup right).


Thanks ripit. Great job.

Mr.Bill :slight_smile:


Thanks, ripit. The Circuit City and Staples scans look clean, but they’re turned sideways. Also, the Best Buy scans are from last week. I don’t know if the new ones haven’t finished uploading.


I’m working on it now.


Thank you once again ripit!


Corrected scans are uploading now and should be available in a moment. I don’t know what I did but I managed to completely loose the best buy scans (not even in the recycling bin so I had to rescan).


Thanks ripit. Much appreciated.


Mahalo ripit!


thanks much for taking your time on this. most nice as always.


Thanks very much, ripit! :flower:


Thanks a ton for taking the time to fix the scans, ripit.


Thank you, ripit!


Thanks man!


Thank you ripit


Thanks Ripit.


thanks, nothing interesting this week, let’s wait for 1 more week :slight_smile:


Thanks ripit.:iagree:


thanks a lot ripit :slight_smile:


Thank you ripit,


Thanks ripit.