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Here is this week’s in-store media roundup. Sorry for the delay in getting this posted. Verbatim in on special at OM - get your AZO discs while available. Still AZO in my area, but there will be a mix as they clearout the old stock for the Life series.

Fry’s: TDK 16x +R and -R 100 packs, $ 14.99

Fry’s: Memorex 4x BD-R 15 packs, $ 19.99

Target: Memorex 16x +R and -R 50 packs, $ 12.99

Target: Memorex 52x CD-R 700mb 100 packs, $ 12.99

Office Depot: Memorex 16x +R and -R 100 packs, $ 21.99

Office Depot: Memorex 16x +R and -R 50 packs, $ 12.99

Office Depot: Memorex 52x CD-R 700mb 50 packs, $ 7.99

Office Max: Verbatim 16x +R and -R 100 packs, $ 16.99 (w/o coupon $ 18)

Best Buy: Memorex 16x +R and -R 50 packs, $ 14.99

Staples: Memorex 16x +R and -R 50 packs, $ 11.98

Staples: Memorex 16x +R and -R 100 packs, $ 19.98

Staples: Memorex 16x +R and -R Printable 20 packs, $ 9.98

Staples: Memorex 52x CD-R 700mb 50 packs, $ 7.98

Staples: Memorex 52x CD-R Audio 30 packs, $ 9.98

Staples: Memorex 52x CD-R Colors 25 packs, $ 5

Walgreens: Maxell 16x +R and -R 25 packs, $ 7.99

Walgreens: Maxell 52x CD-R Music 30 packs, $ 7.99

Radio Shack: TDK 16x +R and -R 50 packs, $ 10.99

Radio Shack: TDK 52x CD-R 700mb 100 packs, $ 14.99


Thanks Dr. Quaice :bow:


for Office Max coupon go to website,view local ad,& click on tab"in-store only coupons", follow directions.
$21.99 w/o coupon
But for $16.99 the -R “LIFE” (CMC AM3) will work in a 20X> burner(Optiarc):wink:


Just my luck, I just paid 26 bucks for a 100 pack of DVD+R’s at Newegg yesterday…


Thank you Dalen.
My OM are all Life series, but Best Buy was loaded with AZO Verbs.
After a small amount of argument, Best Buy actually price matched OM at 16.99 and let me have 3 of them. :slight_smile:


Thanks Dalen, I searched 4 Omax and found 1 single pack of Azo’s. Its not looking good in my area. I still have about 800 of them but thats not going to last forever.


Thanx Mane!



I was in Office Max today and noted that they have Verbatim LS DVDs and CDs on sale along with 100-pack blank MII CDs!



I scored the last DVD+R 100 pack AZO’s and the last DVD-R 100 pack AZO’s at my local Office Max. Printed out the coupon and got each spindle for $16.99 plus tax. Both spindles were MIT. Thnaks Dalen for the heads-up on the coupon!


I was at the local best buy the other day hoping to pricematch some Verbs… but all they had was one LS -r’s which were apparently opened and I wasn’t about to pricematch that…
Current choices:
trying officemax, ordering TDK’s (+r) from Mwave, or _Rs from Newegg…

apparently, the B&Ms are still ordering AZOs when & where they can find/source them… but not in any significant quantities as I find it hard to belive they haven’t liquidated old stock by now…



Thanks for the coupon!

I could not find any local Office Max sources for MIT AZO DVD+R 100-packs, but i did buy 2x100 MIUAE AZO DVD+Rs. I may buy some more…