Next weeks ads (6/29/08 US)



I got bestbuy, circuit city, staples, office max, office depot, wallgreens and the sun frys ad. There was no media at sears. I have no idea about cvs, target or radioshack. About 2 minutes after I got home I turned my back for a minute and the 3 year old scatered/trashed the news paper. Those are lost, destroyed, mixed with old papers (and cannot find them) or whatever. I’m going to the video store shortly and will get another paper to check those 3 stores, and I’ll upload any thing there is (not sure if they even had ads).



Many thanks ripit, posting the ads helps a lot with strategic planning in the media buying process. We’re all hopeful that Target will pull through with a hot smokin’ deal.


Thank you once again ripit!


Thanks as always, ripit.


thank you ripit


[QUOTE=orocko;2085088]We’re all hopeful that Target will pull through with a hot smokin’ deal.[/QUOTE]

Yes, like they always do. :disagree:


Unfortunatlly, target didn’t have any advertised media. Neither did cvs. Radio shack has memorex 50 packs. cd are 7.99 and dvd are 12.99.


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Thanks ripit,


Pehea `oe? DVD _ADDICT.:wink: A hui kaua;) ( All I said was " How are you?" LOL)


ripit: [U]Many thanks [/U]for the many times I viewed the ads


Thanks, ripit!


Thanks ripit How about all that lightning tonite?


I’m really confused. This is my first time on a forum. I am getting into this computer stuff the past few months because I have a lot of time on my hands and don’t sleep for several days at a time. How do I joine in and what is the best way to learn what you can and can’t do? I’m so excited to meet people who like the same type of stuff I do. I have mostly been using Wikipedia for learning about all this stuff. And searching for the best prices and places to shop for home video and audio reproducing. I don’t want to do anything illegal, but I have been experimenting with copying and burning LEGAL media. I have been reproducing things for the children in our Children’s Church Ministry and want to do the correct things. Where do I start with the group and learn more about all these ways you are talking that don’t make sense to me?


Am I in the wrong place to learn about this type of stuff? Do you have a help window or something so I’ll know what is right and wrong to do?


@Nana16, you may want to start in another part of this website:

There’s a lot to read, and I’m sure there will be many helpful people along the way who will guide you to what you want to do. This forum is for deals if you want info (or want to contribute).

Good luck!


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Thanks ripit


thanks a lot ripit