Next weeks ads (6/24/07 US)

I seem to have ran into some issues…It would seem, if your 2 year old takes all your ads (after you scanned then thankfully), and spreads them all over the house, it makes it quite difficult to find which pages the media are on (gotta look at thumbnails etc), so I hope the media tab is correct (its correct, but I hope I didn’t miss a page). further, all the secondary stores didn’t get scanned, (Im’ hunting through pages all over the place, and as I do this every week, there are plenty of old ads laying around)

Radioshack memorex cd 7.99, 50 memorex dvd 12.99
wallgreens 7.99 computer esentials 25 dvd, 30 music cd, 50 data cd.
target (no media) (I checked that one before I scanned)
cvs, no idea, cant find the ad
sears, no idea, cant find the ad

At least I got (and scanned) 4 of the major store…
Oops, edit, got best buy, circuit city, office max, office depot. staples (2 page ad) and compusa have already been posted.

Fyi my wife did a little of the html editing (I was fending off terrorist attacks), so let me know if there are any problems (it might be easy to fix).

Thanks for your hard work.

A question for anyone able to answer, at Office Max, they seem to be selling the 50pack Verbatim 16x for $15. Would the inkjet printables be the same price? Thanks.

Thanks for the scans ripit. There’s an upside down page in the office depot scans, but it’s no big deal.

Thanks ripit, always helpful!

One more to add.
This one many of you fellas might love to see :bigsmile:
Kmart has 25pk Sony on sale at $6.99.
Kmart usually no longer accepting PM anymore. So those of you who need and know your locals with MIJ TY Sony, then grab it now. It is your chance if you are lucky. :flower:
I do not need it at all since I stocked up more than 1000 of them in the beginning of this year, but it somehow become habit of finding one every weekend :sad:

Link to this?

Thanks again ripit!

LMAO :iagree:

Go 2yr old…keep your father on his toes

Link to what?

Time to stock up on the verbs again…just opened my last spindle… :eek:
Thanks ripit!

14.99USD is on the high side, they have them for 12.99USD for the 50 spindle sometimes. I wouldn’t buy alot.:disagree:


It is in the link ripit posted.

Hmm I skipped over that one lol…

Thanks! This will be great for price matching at Sears (lots of Sony T02). They often have MIJ Maxell (always MAXELL-RG03, rarely MAXELL-002), so the Office Depot $12.99/50pc might be handy, too.

thanks much for taking the time for the scans. give the 2yr old the older papers to play with. hehe.

Personally before I’d buy the Verbatim from Office Max I’d Buy the 300 TY’s for 59.99 (Free Shipping and paper sleeves) from [URL=Personally before I’d buy the Verbatim from Office Max I’d Buy the 300 TY’s for 59.99 (Free Shipping and paper sleeves) from SuperMediaStore (

The Maxells are $11.99 not $12.99, and you should stay away from the RG03s and their infamous bonding. They don’t burn all that hot either.

I actually realized that the second I did it (big homer simpson dohh!!). You might think I pay attention to what I’m doing, but there is so much involved, I really pay little attention (it has to be done so fast). Each page or partial page gets seconds of consideration (just glanced at) to determine if they will be scanned. then scans get exported as tiff (have to hit enter, wait a few seconds, hit enter again, and if I hit enter too early, it cancels one of the images which cause a big backup (gotta go find that image and redo it). I then open 20 or so images at a time in photoshop, and hit an f key depending on how I want it rotated (thats where the doh happened, hit the wrong f key and saw it happen). Its not just rotating though, its resizing, rotating, image processing, converting to jpeg, etc. I’m so glad some one recommended using an action to do that all with a key stroke (I’m not a photo shop expert), and I used to do all that manually!!! I really couldn’t do what I do now had it not been for the stream lining. I just got lasy about fixing stuff like an upside down image (actually, do mention problems or mistakes, as it helps, I may not know about them, and sometimes fix them).
I probably could have fixed the image in the time it took to make that post, but what the hell, I’m too lasy lol,(tonight, not always).

I like the MAXELL-002’s, not the RG03’s. If I can buy a few 50pc spindles for $11.99, I’ll do it. :slight_smile: