Next weeks ads (6/24/07 US preview only)

Well, I only got a couple of hours sleep last night (kids, need I say more), and worked this morning (just got off work), so I’m not exactly in the mood to rush to get the ads out, so I thought I would give a sneak preview of media (full scans as usual will be out in about 2 hours give or take).

Office max has verbatims dvd, cd and cd light scribe (dvd are 15 for 50).

circuit city has nextech 50dvd/100cdr 10$/memorex?

office depot has maxell cd/dvd and light scribe memorex cd/dvd

bestbuy has dynex cd, verbatim digital movie dvd, memorex dl, tdk light scribe dvd

I’ll post the rest (target sears etc if they have media) with the full scans in a new post.

Take your time ripit and thank you again.

Always look forward to this thread every week! Thanks ripit!

Thanks every week ripit

K-Mart Sony DVD+/-R 25pack onsale $6.99

Have a nice weekend :flower:

Thanks ripit, get some rest!

thanks ripit, have a good rest

I’m not resting, just working slow (defanatlly need to rest after posting, but that aint gonna happen).