Next weeks ads (6/21/09 US)

Yes, it is time for this week’s media roundup again. Don’t forget to hit the sales early in the week before they sell out.

Also Happy Father’s Day to all those Dad’s out there. If you haven’t bought Dad anything, get him some opitical media!:stuck_out_tongue:

Best Buy: Sony 16x +R and -R 50 packs, $ 12.99

Best Buy: Memorex 48x Multicolored CD-R 25 packs, $ 9.99

Best Buy: Memorex 52x LS CD-R 20 packs, $ 12.99

Best Buy: Memorex 4x Mini DVD-R 5 pack, $ 9.99

Office Depot: TDK 16x +R and -5 100 packs, $ 22.79

Office Depot: HP 16x -R (-R only) 30 packs, $6.99

Office Depot: TDK 52x CD-R 100 packs, $ 12.99

Office Max: Verbatim 16x LS +R 30 packs, $ 12.99

Office Max: Verbatim 2.4x DL +R 20 packs, $ 24.99

Office Max: Verbatim 52x Color CD-R 25 packs, $ 9.99

Kmart: Sony 16x +R and -R 10 packs, $ 4.99

Kmart: Sony 52x CD-R 30 packs, $ 4.99

Walgreens: Maxell 16x +R and -R 25 packs, $ 8.99

Walgreens: Maxell CD-R Music 30 pack, $ 8.99

Walgreens: Maxell CD-R Data 50 pack, $ 8.99

Frys: Philips 16x +R and -R 100 packs, $ 17

Frys: Philips 2x BD-R 25gb 15 packs, $39.99

Thanks Dalen,

Thank you Dalen :clap:

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Thanks Dalen.:wink:


just a heads-up,check out your local K-MART for the 10 pack of DVD’s ,
the picture in the ad shows the old packaging, they probably still have some on the shelf (new is bright yellow or blue)
they are 2007 ACCUCORE made in Taiwan
not bad if you need the case for$4.99

Thanks Dalen Quaice.