Next weeks ads (6/17/07 US)

Really bad news this week. I spent more time looking for a newspaper with ads than I usually spend doing them, and only got bestbuy (plus cvs, wallgreens, frys, no media at sears or target). I cannot remember if there was a dry spell of ads this time last year (it is the slow sales season and they have to pay extra to get the ads in the early edition), so who knows, hopefully it will be better next week. Almost forgot, staples is a 2 week ad so they are the scans from last week.

I didn’t find anything posted by others to link to either.

Thank you again ripit and Happy Fathers Day tomorrow :slight_smile:

thanks much as always. appreciate it. Happy Father’s Day to all…

Obviously when they know tomorrow is fathersday and people have to buy something for this day why they should have sale at all.

FYI, the OfficeMax ad is already up. They always release it early Saturday morning:


you are early today ripit, thanks

not much going on this week


Good news folks. Looks like the 10 packs of DL Verbatim are back down to $15 for 10 at officemax. Not bad, especially if you don’t have a microcenter in your area.

I need some of those since I am studying abroad and did not bring any with me. now my lappie hdd is full since I am downloading lots of movies that bigger than single layer disc and I dont want to split or compress it. Good timing. My 160gb laptop hard drive is down to 20gb and only enough space for extracting DL movies before burning

Circuit City has 25pks of Sony’s on sale $6.99 and 50pks TDK’s for $12.99 starting sunday.

Too bad that most of the B&M stores no longer carry them. Combining them with a coupon made for some insane deals.

BTW, I don’t see them on the web site, so where are people supposed to get them? Most of the stores don’t carry them anymore, and the price in-store was always $15. It never changed. The price only changed online. :confused:

thats what I had thought (they always use to) but there have been a few weeks they didn’t. I’ll have to start checking again in the future (if I don’t get an office max ad). On the off chance that anyone else lives in the Dallas TX area and got the early edition, did it have more ads than I got? I have found out in the past, that the delivery people put the ads into the papers, so I’m kind of wondering if someone in this area is just trashing the ads to save time, or if they are just not in it this week?

Another week goes by, with only crap being on sale. :frowning:

I missed the Sony sale at Walgreens this past week, although it was really not that great, about 25% higher than an office or electronics store sale on the same item. Verbatim hasn’t been on sale for at least a month now.

What’s with all the store-brand and Memorex junk? CMC, CMC and more CMC. Ugh!

Guess I’ll be buying online again.

mini 8cm maxell DVD media are on clearance at Walgreens, $4 for 5 discs, MIJ. I still have some crappy memorex mini discs left or else I would clear the inventory on the mini maxell

This is a great deal for those with camcorder since it uses mini DVD-R

Few CC stores actually carry Sony media anymore, so good luck finding anything. Here’s the ad link:

Circuit City

I’m planning to use the CC ad for price match for staples. The staples in my area are full of t02 TY 8x

Yes, I thought the same thing, just hope that they don’t call to verify stock.

Office Depot

The only good thing is the possible RICOHJPN in the +R packs.


Funny, I found them by doing a search for Verbatim and then clicking DVD Media. Here is the direct link: