Next weeks ads (6/11/06 US)



I got all the ads, but I’m running late so I only scanned media for office max and staples but have links to thier ads. Credit for the early link to staples goes to gethocowboy (stole the link from his post).

verbatim at bestbuy, office max at office max (could be mcc), maxell at staples. If there are no 16x made in japan at staples, wallgreens has 10 packs 33 percent off. Probably not that good a price but I think people have mentioned seeing mij there if you just want to try a few.

office max



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thanks ripit :bow:


Welcome Back Ripit, and thanks for the weekly special post
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Thanks ripit!
I was in OfficeMax today and their regular price for a 50 pack of OM brand 16X DVD media was $12.99, the same as it has been for months. It looks like they bumped it to $29.99 for their “Buy One Get One Free” sale. :doh:


Are you sure it wasn’t 8x??


It was the 16X DVD+R with the ZD…DVR code (MCC004) because I almost bought some but thought I would wait to see if it went on sale tomorrow.


The 16X Maxell looks interesting, anybody know the media code on the + 16X.


i bought a pack of maind in taiwan and they were cmc


Has anyone used the Verbatim LightScribe DVD that are on sale this week for $24.99 per spindle of 30?. How is the quality of LS label?.


Yo alan-

Bet ya that you won’t like them-

Even TY is challenged at 16x-eh!



I really was hoping they were the Maxell 003 MIJs but I doubt it. I really want some of those to test, but they are only sold in 5 packs in Jewel cases for about 10USD, 2.00 a piece is too much for single layer media.


Maxell could be anything since I haven’t seen an MIJ spindle yet. It could be Philipc16, CMC, or ritekR04.


Thats very sad, I remember when Maxells were really Maxell (002, MXLRG03).


alan1476, only if you can find MIJ spindle. I have been to so many stores carrying Maxell Media and yet haven’t spot one spindle of Maxell made in Japan, I am speaking of 16X Maxell. Even in jewel case of 10, all MIT.


In Staples here in NJ, they have Maxell 003 in Jewel Cases, 5 packs, for 9.99USD, that just too much money. Its MIJ also. Maybe someday they will be on sale.


I have been wanting to try maxell003 too but no luck finding any made in japan. Lets just hope this is till they get production going more. It would suck if they stick to mostlly others media.


New MIT stock should be CMCMAGM01 or RICOHJPNR03. The PHILIPSC16 is from ages ago when Maxell was trialing 16x in small packs.


Thanks ripit and thanks to ghetocowboy for getting the ball rolling.


K-Mart has Fuji’s on sale this week for $14.99, most will probably be 16x but there is still some 8x MIJ floating around.