Next weeks ads (6/04/06 US)

Im just filling in for ripit this week while he is out of town. These are the same ads in what he scans, Im just on the other side of town.

Best Buy

Scan 1 Scan 13
Scan 2 Scan 14
Scan 3 Scan 15
Scan 4 Scan 16
Scan 5 Scan 17
Scan 6 Scan 18
Scan 7 Scan 19
Scan 8 Scan 20
Scan 9 Scan 21
Scan 10 Scan 22
Scan 11 Scan 23
Scan 12

Staples Online ad
For Dallas/Ft Worth ads put in zipcode for 75149

Scan 1 Scan 5
Scan 2 Scan 6
Scan 3 Scan 7
Scan 4 Scan 8

Circuit City

Scan 1 Scan 13 Scan 24
Scan 2 Scan 14
Scan 3 Scan 15
Scan 4 Scan 16
Scan 5 Scan 16
Scan 6 Scan 17
Scan 7 Scan 18
Scan 8 Scan 19
Scan 9 Scan 20
Scan 10 Scan 21
Scan 11 Scan 22
Scan 12 Scan 23

Walgrrens Scan

Office Depot
These are the adds in the Dallas/Ft Woth area. To find the ones in your area use you postal zip code

Office Max
These are the adds in the Dallas/Ft Woth area. To find the ones in your area use you postal zip code

I wonder if 100 spindles of Sony@ Best Buy will 8X or 16X, I mean the +. It would be good if they were the Yudens for 29.00 per 100.

Hi all. Here’s the new ads starting on 6/4/06 for Micro Center.



Hrm…OD has what looks to be Maxell 16x on sale for 15.20 for 50. Been dying to get some Maxell03 to try out.

Anyone know if Maxell03 16x MIJ is Maxell03 MID?

WoW, you are doing a pretty good Job considering your 1st time, for a moment I thought it is ripit since your handle is very similar to ripit.

the 200 gig maxtor at micro center, $45 is pretty good deal, wondering if it is SATA, but $60 rebate kinda too much

@cbboy777, good luck on hunting for maxell mid. I’ve been to 3 different OD and all maxell 16X media are MIT, including 10 in jewel case at wal-mart.

Thanks rfjr23 this is excellent job. Appreciated.

The images are too small for me to read, but Microcenter web site says that Verbatim + x2.4 DL is USD 20 for 10-pack and USD 9 for 3-pack. Such prices are good for the month (June).

No problem people but I have to give ripit some mad props to actually do what he does week in and week out. Its not hard but it just takes some time and with him working weekends makes it tough.

when I went a few days ago to pick up a 25 pack of the verbs I noticed the top rack full of those 100 packs, they were all 16x MIT

I saw one time one spindle the 16x- is MIJ at my BB

Thanks rfjr23. good job!

Thanks rfjr23. Do you have compusa’s ad?

There was no compusa ad. Their website also only show the sale that is good up untill today.

Try HERE tommorow.

the ad is for 8x if you check the item number in the ad against the item numbers on the web site.

Your browser resized the image, the actual size is pretty big and pretty clear to read. Use your mouse cursor and point at the image, the resizing option should pops up in the lower right corner, click on it then it will resize to the actual size. Microcenter always have windata for $9.99 per 50, any1 have any clues who made it?? I am sure it is not that good since it doesn’t make any headlines. reports 3 of the 4 listed as TY MID’s, however they are most likely faked…maybe worth trying out though.

I highly doubt it that it is authentic TY since they are Tawainese made or Chinese made. I was hoping for MCC media or something, but TY, then it is 100% authentically fake.

@ghetocowboy: what items are you refering too. I guess I got lost in the thread, are saying that the Sonys are not TY, if they are MIT you are right, but usually the 8XMIJ are TY. That has been my experience.

they’re talking about some microcenter stuff i think

windata’s are crap cloned(faked) in Hong Kong, my new benq 1650 won’t even burn them, they have been discussed ad nasuetum :Z :Z :Z
microcenter keeps dropping the price to get more suckers