Next weeks ads (5/28/06 US)

Local newspaper. I brought the local newspaper, specifically orange county register, the back of the register section, has frys electronics ads, to staples for Price matching. The ad can be seen here

any coupons in the ad at least? i might check to see if my local RS still has the Epson printers in stock if that rebate from Epson is still valid on them…

In Sunday addition of Los Angeles Times the last page of sport section is the whole page Fry’s sSunday ad as usual. The drive is being offered for $57.77.

BTW: Fry’s Friday prices for sales ad always are good until next tuesday.

Here is radio shack. I would have posted it earlier since it had media but I ran out of time (was a few minutes late to work as it was).

Same as above, duplicate files so you only need one. First 3 scans are sun/mon only, next 3 are all week.

Fyi I can conect to the server now so it must have been a temporary problem. I only had about 2-3 hours to do the ads so I really didn’t have time to wait and see if it came back up earlier.

Thanks again ripit

They only have one epson R320 on display left in stock. I already bought one at radioshack, new sealed in box so I did not even bother. There is $15 coupon off $50 at staples, but you have to buy it on ebay. I did not even bother doing that since the HDD is such a good deal already and Staples give good customer service so I did not even bother to squeeze them on a few dollars.

As far as I know for the RS coupon, only closing radioshacks give out $10 off $20 purchase

I agree reasonsnotrules that the only good sale has come from RS lately is Epson 320 for $85 if and that is if you have also $50 rebate with it.

Here we get a 1 page ad on sun for frys but a several page ad on friday. I always forget to get the friday paper though. If you guys want the 1 page sun ad on saturday I would be happy to add it in the future (except next week of course). I used to scan the fry’s sunday ad but for a while it was the same crappy stuff every time so I quit.

About next week, it would be great if anyone (or even a few people) could contribute and do it. You can use your own post or feel free to use the next weeks ads title with the date etc). If you do use the next weeks ad title, please explain that I am out of town and anyone is free to contribute. Even if you have one ad or just media, feel free to post and anyone with anything else can add to it.

@rfjr23, I’m sure everyone would appreciate it if you felt like scanning some of the ads since you have access to the paper too. The two file sharing sites I used this week are free, anonamous file sharing sites if you want to use them. You don’t have to join or give an email or anything.

well ripit, I can send the link to the PDF files for Fry’s electronics ads. But orange county register is not very consistent with updating Fry’s ads. I will try

i should be around next week unless by some miracle I have job interviews and have to do some traveling so if anyone needs scans hosted, by all means let me know.

I’m 99% sure my web space from school is still allotted to me and working even though I graduated.

Hey reasonsnotrules]your web space at school is being paid by tax payer money don’t use it for this purpose.( Just Kidding) Congrat new Grad, Wecome to the world of job seeker.

private university. it was paid for by my tuition, i’m going to use it as long as I possibly can!

3.99 DVDs at BB. Titles are not great but worth 3.99!

Are the Dynex CDRs any good for 5.99-10% discount?

OK! :cool: Its a done deal for me and the 12% off if you get a credit card! Wonder what software it comes with? Like it matters! :disagree: Right!

Off site!
Includes Nero Media Home, Showtime 2, Vision Express 3 SE, Express 6 and more

probably not, but I’ve found CDs and CD palyers to be a lot more tolerant of everything in general than DVDs and DVD players so you could probably get away with using them.

also, the Dynex deal is a sunday/Monday only sale I believe…

The Dynex I had bought (but in Jewel case 10 pack) were Ritek.

They burned VERY well. Not sure about the 50 packs but I would think they are
Ritek also…anyone??