Next weeks ads (5/28/06 US)

Well if there was a problem that could happen it did. Got bad news this week. No access to the server but I do have zip files of scans you can download. My computer is running mega slow too (multiple problems and my new athlon 64 system isn’t setup for this yet, and my good athlon xp system got rebuilt into the athlon 64 system, but I’ll have all three running at some point). I hate when I have to work early on saturday because there is no time to work these things out. Also, I am going to my brother in laws wedding next saturday (in California) and stopping on the way to see some out of state relatives so I will not be around to do the ads next week. I wont have access to the ads or a computer, sorry.

There are two links for each ad. They are duplicates in case one link doesn’t work so you only need to download one.

bestbuy (last page is sun/mon only)

circuit city (first 2, possibly first 4 pages are sun/mon only)

compusa (the first 2 pages are sun/mon only)

Office depot
I got their ad but due to the problems (I have 5 minutes to leave for work) and the fact that I got an email with an early link, I’m just giving the link. This is the same whole ad I got in the newspaper

I didn’t get office max but theirs is always up on saturday

I didn’t get staples ad this week. Again, sorry but its the best I can do in the time I have and again a reminder, I will be out of town next week and cannot do the ads, sorry.

Good job ripit and thanks. I will scan and do the adds for you next week if you like.

That works very well too. ACDSee can directly browse images inside zip archives… convenient.

Good price on Pioneer DVR-710, a.k.a. DVR-111. $40. I might get one to play with.

Thanks for the work.

thanks ripit as always :slight_smile:

ripit! you always have some kind of issue! it wouldn’t be our weekly ads thread if you didn’t have to walk through the snow barefoot up hill (both ways) to get the early edition :stuck_out_tongue:

i posted best buy’s major media sales this morning (that’s the only ad we get early here).

I’ll try to scan best buy ads next saturday to help out, but I dn’t get any of the other ads until sunday (at which point they’re already on their respective sites)

Same here. Thanks Ripit.

I flew out of Houston yesterday and got a 200gb hd for $57.

It’s a fine drive, indeed, you can even x-flash it to a 111L. :smiley:

What kind was it, I am looking for a 2d HD for my new system, I would love to find the new WD KS series HDs on sale somewhere.

thanks ripit for your spirit and hard work

I guess Frys and Office Depot have the best deals, the rest are mediocre deals, may be the toshiba laptop from BB is hot

This drive is 200GB Maxtor with choice of selecting ATa or SATA is on sale at Fry’s Electronics for $57.

Edit: If you don’t have Fry’s in your area you can take the ad to Staples and get %110 price match.

I got 1 pm today at staples, the manager was easy and gladly to do it for me, they did not even call frys to verify on hand stock. come out to be $52 since they have the Maxtor on clearance for $108.98. I was hoping the price is a lot higher so I get better PM deal, but their price is only $108.98 because they are discontinuing it. I saved gas and $5 bucks since staples is a lot closer to my house than frys. Some reported that they got diamond max 10 at Fry’s in the box, some got DM9. Buying at staples, more likely you will get DM9 but not 10. I just looked at the receipt and it is $52.55 + CA tax come out to be $56.62. Made in China with 1 year warranty, I dont know if it is a DM 9 or 10, I will find out later and update it.

Ripit, by any chance that you have Radio Shack ads, I heard they are having a blow out memorial sale so I am curious. And again, thank you for everything Ripit.

gheto, that’s why i love staples. they’ve never given me a hard time about price matches EVER and their ink coupons always come in handy.

Alan, TCAS,
It was a DiamondMax10 at Frys that I bought for $57 on Friday. They don’t have a Frys in my home state, and I was flying out of Houston from near by.

The HD only has 8mb cache, what the difference between a DM9 and DM10? I got the 7200 rpm IDE but they had SATA same deal. Maybe the sale ended tonight?

I’ll have radio shack up in a minute (or a few minutes).

OK, I got the Maxtor Diamond Max 9, not Diamond Max 10 since it does not have native command queuing model number L01M200. Oh well.

The have this on sale also for tomorrow Sunday May 28.

I have Radio Shack AD front of me nothing really interesting on sale, personally I have no fait in Radio Skack how they are staying in business so far I don’t know.

Where do you see the Fry’s ad? I did not see one in ripits post.

ghetocowboy wrote: it does not have native command queuing model number L01M200.

What you mean by that?. Do you have any doubt the drive is “Maxtor”?.