Next weeks ads (5/27/07 US)

You would think that all the ads would be in the early edition considering memorial day is supposed to be a big shopping day, but no such luck. I guess something is better than nothing though. I got circuit city, bestbuy and office depot. there was no media at sears, target, cvs and wallgreens wasn’t even worth posting (computer essentials brand not that cheap). It would seem that the staples ad for last week is this weeks too (2 week ad) and I’ll give a link. Nothing from office max, though I did find a mini ad (just percentages off clearance stuff). I almost forgot, fry’s sun ad also (last tab).

So here they are.

A couple of additional notes, the first 4 pages of circuit city are 2 day only. Bestbuy has certain pages in the middle of the ad that are 2 day only, but they are full page scans so you should be able to tell which they are.

compusa (credit to wobble)


Office max clearance (I assume that they will have a normal ad tomorrow also).

The office depot pages were rather large so the pages are all chopped up, but it’s all there. If you want to see it online though, here (credit to Ty01)

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and very interesting Seagate FreeAgent Pro 750GB External USB 2.0, FireWire and eSATA Hard Drive from BB it is $199
but only online order ( can’t use coupon )

Thanks Ripit. I look forward to your post every Saturday. :iagree:

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Thanks again ripit!

Think I’ll be getting the 120GB 2.5" drive from Best Buy with the 10% coupon.

Does anyone have any opinions on the Compaq laptop for $379? I was thinking about getting it for my girlfriend?

You can’t. 10%/12% coupon you received from BB thru email is only good for regular priced item. With coupon you might pay more for WD 120GB HD. Read the fine print.

I must have missed it in the ads :frowning: Who has the Compaq laptop for $379. Thanks

I got one from Frys late last year , ther C301NR for $399 . I had a lil trouble with it with the AC adapter going on the mobo but I had the thing on for 4 months 24/7 straight running F@H. Then I found out it is not recommended to have the AC adapter plugged in all the time with laptops and it is common for this to happen with laptops. Compaq repaired it under warranty with no hassle…

I’t looks like a pretty good deal to me for a single core processor laptop. You will need to have at least 1gig memory in it or it will really be slow. Vista will use almost all of the 512mb leaving nothing for anything else.
It says limit 10 per store min, so I would get there before the store opens and wait in line! :iagree:

Get a core 2 from best buy for your girlfriend, $600 no rebates, large HDD capacity, 1 gig of ram. Most laptops are loaded with vista and I dont recommend 512mb of ram. Vista Recommended 2gb but 1 gig is sufficient.
thanks ripit

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Mitsubishi - 57" 1080p DLP HDTV is $1440 online only at Best Buy.

Awfully tempting, but I think I’ll wait till they’re down to $1000 or $1200.

I used the PDF version of that coupon two weeks ago to buy a 500 gb Seagate external HD that was on sale for $140 (regular retail was $180). After taxes (7.375 %), it was about $133.

So you might wanna give that coupon a shot.

it definitely never hurts to try. the worst they can tell you is “no”

I’ve had places let me use coupons the day before the deal starts or even a couple days expired. obviously YMMV with this but it’s always worth a shot!

For that price, you can almost get a 50" plasma. I know most plasma are 720P and 1080i, but still, it is still more pleasing to the eye than DLP in term of picture quality. And if you are a sport fan, then you even stay further away from LCD and DLP. Plasma is the way to go even LCD and DLP is 1080P capable, Over the air HD is only broadcasting at 1080i

Check your local Office Depot first. Not sure where you are. But my local OD has red tag clearance going on and the red tag price for notebook I’ve seen are awsome. Check before you buy those originally cheap made in China crappy notebook. These red tagged I’ve seen today at OD are dual core Sony’s and Acer’s both of which are far better than Compaq’s. Trust me I am a notebook mania. I haven’t used desktop for years. Only notebooks at home (3) and office (many) and one subnote inside car with GPS attached.
And my advice is reinstall Win XP if you have CD even if new notebook has Vista in it. I had so much headache with Vista with so many bugs, I waiting to see more stable Service Packs to come out.