Next weeks ads (5/21/06)

Bet you guys thought I got them out early today. Sorry, no such luck. I gotta take care of something on my car and then a couple of hours to scan, process and post (figure maybe 4 hours from now and they will be up). I figured I would give an early heads up on media this week though.

Office max has magnavox media buy one get one free (anyone even heard of this stuff). 12.99-24.99 per pack and 50 and 25 packs dvd and 100 packs cdr shown so I’m guessing 25$ for 50 dvd, bogo.

office depot imation 16x 50pk 12.99
memorex 100 cd 14.99

circuit city phillips 50 cd or 25 dvd (looks like the normal 8x) 6.99

compusa 50 sony cd 7.99
100 memorex 16x dvd 29.99

best buy
verbatim 50 dvd 16x 14.99
This is interesting. Best buy shows in their ad, a picture of a 50 pack 16x dvd+r, but text clearlly says 50 pack cd-r. the picture very clearlly shows verbatim dvd’s but the sale is for verbatium cdr 50 for 7.99. I hate to be a prick (no I dont), but I wonder if we could take advantage of this one. The picture shows dvd’s, I didn’t notice that it said cd, ar you going to honor what is shown in your ad, 50 dvd for 7.99??? I’m guessing they would probably deny it on this one as text does say cd but who knows.
This link will be good with scans in about 4 hours from the time of this post. If you click it now, it will work but will show last weeks ads. I’ll post when the right ones are up.

Thanks for the Info [B]ripit[/B], I’m still stocked on some of those Verbatim 16x DVD+R’s from like woah three months ago lol, I got a lot that time… Hmm I think I practically cleared the shelve that day they only had about 5 cases left lol. I might go back for some CD-R’s. :slight_smile:

I don’t know why but I like the 16X Verbs better than the Yudens. They burn faster and better. Not there is anything wrong with the Tys but the Verbs just give me better results.

Kmart has Fuji 50 packs for 14.99 this week.

Quick question,
I’m sure this has been answered but I can’t get the search button to function on this forum for some reason recently. Are the 16x verb cmc, mcc or prodisc? Is there a way to tell. I’ll be buying for a NEC 3500 and 3550A both with liggy&D hoping to burn at 12X. I used to keep up with all the media stuff but I got fat and lazy just buying 8X fuji MIJ +Rs from best buy for so long. Now I’m out of it :frowning: Thanks for any help sorry to ask but like I said the search function just times out on me.
PS I might check out those imations as well

They are MIT Fuji, I would stay far away from them.

Mostly all CMC in the 50 spindle but some Prodisc in the 25 spindle in my area.

thanks for the reply alan.
any way to tell without opening up the box? thanks again for the info.

Yeah, I looked through what they had hoping for some MIJ’s.

Scans are uploaded. the link in the first post should now show the ads for next week.

You’re talking about 16X Verbatims right?? If it’s DVD+R they should most definitely be MCC. I have a 50 pack at home that was MCC 004, great scans on them as well. DVD-Rs I don’t know as I have never burned a -R disc.

Also the search function can be bypassed (since it hasn’t been working for a week or more) by going to google, doing an advanced search, and under Domain only search from this site or domain and put in “”. It’s a pain, but it works.

sounds good I’m off to get a bunch of these tomorrow then and also thanks for the tip about the google domain search.

I’m not certain but they may have been talking about the actual manufacture, not the media code on the verbatiums. So far as I know, all 16x verbatium in the US at least is mcc media code. Cmc and prodisk make it though as well as mitsubishi (they make it under contract with the mcc media code and with mitsubishis materials, production methods, dyes and quality control etc). I had though that all 16x mcc in the US was made by cmc but I could be mistaken. If I undrestand right, if they are made in Singapore then they are actually made in a mitsubishi plant. The cmc made mcc is pretty good though. It is mcc quality, not cmc quality.

Here’s a linik to a scan of a Verbatim 16X MCC 004 I did on my Lite-on 1673s@1693s, I said it was made in India, but I think it is actually MIT. I don’t know if I still have the spindle sleeve to find out, I’ll take a look though.

My scan

Anyways, I like any disc that has those results on my burner and takes about 6 and a half minutes to burn start to finish. I’ve definitely switched from a TY fan to a Verbatim fan, although my Yudens have always been VERY consistent and excellent burns.

16x MCC made by Prodisc is available in the US now. The 16x +R quality seems about the same, and the 16x -R quality, in my experience (albeit limited), is better.

thanks ripit :wink:

That’s a really good looking scan but how long do these discs last? Isn’t TY got a lifetime guarantee/warranty?

anyone tried those magnavox?

In stability tests, MCC media tests among the best, TY tests fairly poor actually. I’m not attacking TY media, it burns great and has had no stability issues for most in real world experience (although some discs exhibit bonding issues and, theoretically, could have a negative effect on longterm stability).

Long story short, MCC can stand on its own and then some when compared to TY for stability.

When you compare the 16x Verbs (MCC) to the 16x TY then yes, they definitely are better discs. Once TYG02 run out I will probably switch to Verb.