Next weeks ads (5/14/06 US)

Well, as of 2:00pm there was no early edition Dallas paper delivered in my area. The fort worth paper had bestbuy, circuit city and office depot though so thats what I have to post. Office max is always avalable on their site on saturday so of course I’ll provide a link. I was running a little late anyway. My main system that I used to do this on got a new motherboard and cpu and is still in the process of being overclocked on a clean windows install so I had to get another computer set up for the ads. I should have got it ready last night but I might have got in a fight with a bottle of liquor instead and the bottle of liquor won!!!

maxell 16x on sale at office depot though it sucks that you gotta buy 100 (bogo 50 packs). I have really been wanting to try these but I need a vid card, memory and a heatsink so my budget is tight. I wish the packs were smaller but I might try them anyway. Verbatim dual layer at best buy (40$ for 20). It looks like office max is running a two week sale (so the ad is the same as last week) and just crappy memorex there. so here it is, enjoy.

Thanks as usual ripit for all your work!

I don’t know about that.

Look closer.

Maxell® DVD+R Recordable Media Spindle, 4.7GB/120 Minutes, Pack Of 50
Maxell® DVD-R Recordable Media Spindle, 4.7GB/120 Minutes, Pack Of 50

That shape looks familiar… :slight_smile:

The angle of the cylindrical part doesn’t look quite right, though, so don’t get your hopes up. I’ve seen Maxell +RW media in 25-packs of identical shape, and they sure as heck weren’t Taiyo Yuden [somebody was getting crafty with that packaging].

Can’t wait for first reports tomorrow.

Thanks ripit.

Personally I’m wanting to try some maxell003. I have gotten plenty of good burns on 002 and was hoping we would have another good 16x media besides verbatim (not that I mind using lots of verbatim). In the past office depot has advertised maxell 4x and 8x media kind of often so hopfully it will turn out to be a good source of maxell003 (if it turns out to be good). I’m crossing my fingers for some made in japan packs and am also quite interested on what everyone is going to find tomorow.

That same shape cake pack was the one I had seen at walmart, though it was 8x.

It had a Made in Japan Sticker over where the Made in Taiwan/Japan would usually be printed.

I went back and thought I would buy it anyway but it was gone.


The shape does look familar, but I am not going to jinx the media by saying what I think. :disagree:

The 16X DVD-Rs around here in that spindle are PRODISCF02. :a

Yep, that’s entirely plausible. Prodisc is now using TY-lookalike packaging for some spindles, although you can tell the difference… Prodisc spindles have a completely smooth cylindrical bottom, without the little ‘ribs’.

The sure way to tell Prodisc media is to read the code off the silver area about 1/2 inch from the center. Prodisc DVDs will have PRNN-NNNN-NNNN (+R) or PFNN-NNNN-NNNN (-R), where Ns are digitis.

These spindles even have “MAXELL” engraved on the top. But yeah, in this case it’s easy to pick out the PRODISCF01 from RITEKF1 just by looking to see if the serial is stamped or printed (there’s no spacers from what I’ve seen).

opps delete

The only thing I can tell you about Maxell 003 media is that there is no stacking ring on this media, it is smooth all the way to the hub.

Hrm, I just pulled out a MAXELL003 of mine to double check that. There most certainly is a stacking ring on my jewel cased MAXELL003. It looks physically identical to MAXELL002.

Sorry about that Buck, it was my mistake, I think it was the MXLRG03 or MXLRG04 that had no stacking rings. You are right.

Some MXLRG03 has a lip on the top, like the Apple-branded discs.

Thanks Ripit for your hardwork

Nothing seem interesting this week except the OD 16X maxell media deal. It is not a super good deal, just that all of us are curious about who is the maker of the maxell media.

I have been using Maxell DVD+/- R (8X) in the past few months quite a lot and still have about 300 left these are all made in Japan but I am not really impressed that much I rather use Fuji MIJ or even Verbatim or Sony MIJ.

The imation CD-R at OD any good?

Same here, when I didn’t know better I went out to Office Depot and looked for all MIJ Maxell media because thry were rated very highly by a web site that rates media. So yes I got MXLRG03 and Maxell002 both MIJ and I am not impressed at all with them. The Sony Yudens are heads above them in quality and price and more available also. Maybe the Maxell 003 discs will be different, I hope so, but as for any MIT Maxell discs, I just am not interested.

You are right alan’ among all the DVD media “Made In Japan” I rate Maxell very low at the bottom and I have no intention to buy any more Maxell from now on.