Next weeks ads (5/07/06 US)

I had hoped to get the ads out early as when I’m done Im tearing this computer apart and installing a new athlon 64 and motherboard (upgrading from an athlon xp), but beter a little late than never.

Light scribe verbatium dvd at best buy, staples brand 16x 50 for 8$ (look for another thread about them here as there is a 5$ off coupon so 3$ for 50 disks, limit 2). I’m not sure if they will give a hassel about trying to use a coupon on top of a sale price or not. Nexxtech 25 packs for 5$ (might be mcc).
here is how to tell mcc nexxtech
sonys on sale at best buy (I’m guessing 16x but I havent checked). For 8$ for 25 I think I might give some a try. Does anyone know if they can be ty? I had heard that the 16x ty might not be that good but for 8$ It might be fun to try (wouldn’t mind trying the sony mid 16x’s either).

I didn’t get compusa or office max but office max always post there ad on there site a day early.

Office max


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thanks for the heads up as always.

Using the SKU numbers, I checked the BestBuy site for the Sonys that are on sale, and they are 8x, not 16x.

I don’t think Bestbuy updates their SKU numbers for media of different speeds, especially when Sony doesn’t change the UPC number between 8x and 16x spindles?

Got 16x from Ky store. They didnt have any 8x 25 packs.