Next weeks ads (4/9/06 US)

Seems like we may have some options for media this week. Verbatium dual layer is on sale. Theres no verbatium single layer but office max brand are on sale (arn’t they mcc?). fuji 8x 100 packs are on sale. Verbatium light scribe cd-r. Sony at staples again.
I didn’t get the office max or staples ad this week. Office max’s is always on their site on saturday.

The info about staples having sony is courtesy of ghetocowboy (he posted it a little bit ago, hope he doesn’t mind me borrowing the information).

Anyway, beter late than never, here is the rest.

almost forgot. Fry’s is going to have refurbished epson r300 printers again for 60$. the normal price is only 80$ (if they have them), but considering that the ink cartriges cost more than 60$, it seems like a good deal for a printer that can do cd printing. Fyi last time they had them they sold out pretty quick. I’n not sure if it is good online or not.

I’ll tell ya what rip… your the man!!i read this posting everyweekend without
question.and for that i’ve got a closet full of disks!!woo hoo!!
thanks again as allways and keep up the great work!!! :bow: :bow:
I,m humble before you and the great disk gods… :bow: :bow:

Sweet! Office Max DVD’s again!! You can see the serial number on those to find the MCC004’s correct?

Best Buy Fuji 100 packs, are those 8x? Maybe some MIJ floating around.

Thanks again ripit, plenty of time while I’m on Vacation this week to get some deals :slight_smile:

Thanks ripit!

Just a warning, the office max can be cmc too. Yes you can see the markings to see which are mcc.

Some of the info on identifying mcc nexxtechs might be helpfull as they are similar markings.

On the fuji, the ad shows 8x and the part number comes up on bestbuys site as 8x, 5961916/5961872.

I waited the whole day, finally it is here.
Thanks Ripit

Anyone got any idea who actually manufactures the $100 300GB drive at CompUSA? Their site says “Connect Computers”

The Office Max DVD ad looks like its for 8x not 16x. The 16x can be MCC004. The OM 8x aren’t MCC003. At least that’s what i have found out.

This sale is similar to the one they had about 2 weeks ago. I found some MCC004, tried to get it at the sale price of 12.99. Clerk looked at ad, and it was for 8x only. So i went back to look for MCC003. None had the distinct DVD+R in the serials. At least at my local OM, no MCC003.

Looks like you are right, the office max are 8x, acording to the item number in the ad anyway. Thats too bad.

Dang…Your right.

Should have known by the price.

Compusa has pretty much quit selling stuff under their own brand name and uses other names like us logic. I only searched quick so maybe I missed something, but I only see this brand for sale at compusa. Thats often an indication that it is a compusa brand. In the past, compusa hard drives have been maxtors, and the one year warranty would seem to support that. I cannot seem to find any 300 gig maxtors with 8MB cash though (was going to see if specs match), so who knows. If it is a compusa brand then it is most liklly going to be hard to find any information on.

This is my 100th post on cdfreaks. Thanks to everyone as I have learned alot from reading the posts. I am off to staples to buy some more sony dvds(I really don’t need them) with the $10 off $30 that I found in last weeks post. Good luck to everyone.

Office Max +R 8X can be MBI. A lot of their stuff is made in India here.

:clap: Thanks for the info.

:sad: Sad that there aren’t any external dvd burners on sale.

CompUSA has some burners on sale:

External 16x Double Layer DVD+/-RW Drive #320104 - $59.99 ($119.99 - $30 instant savings - $30 MIR )

Internal 16x Double Layer DVD Burner #320105 - $39.99 ($79.99 - $20 instant savings - $20 MIR) (BENQ DW1640 IIRC)

HP 16x Lightscribe Interla double layer DVD±R/±RW drive - #335188 - $79.99 ($99.99 - $20 MIR)

These prices effective Apr 9-15.

Maybe I’m spoiled, but the Verb duals still won’t go below $2. I wish the blu-ray burners would come out already. Maybe the duals will go lower then.

Who makes the drive they use?

The specs for the External Drive:
16X +R, 12X -R, 4X DL +R, sounds like a BTC drive
and only 90 days warranty, has to be BTC drive

Locally these are my choices right now.

Lite On EZ-DUB 16X External Dual DVD+/-RW

Mad Dog Multimedia MegaStorâ„¢ Triple Format External DVD Drive

Lite-On External DVD-RW Drive

Sony External Double-Layer DVD±RW Drive

The Sony drive although the most expensive is the one catching most of my interest. It is supposed to be a BENQ 1640.