Next weeks ads (4/8/07 US)



I got a little bad news this week. I tried 5 diffrent gas stations, and all papers only had bestbuy, circuit city, frys, cvs and wallgreens. The staples ad is a 2 week ad so I included their scans from last week. Wobble posted the compusa ad so I’ll give his link.

sony single layer at best buy. Also verbatim dual layer at best buy. The price is kind of high but they are 8x.

Here what I got



Thanks Ripit!!!


much thanks…nice work as always.


Thanks ripit. I sure wish someone (with a store nearby) would put the single layer Verbatims back on sale. I’ve completely run out and have had to start digging into my precious stash of TY. :frowning:


Thanks as usual ripit.


Thank you ripit. This is always very much appreciated.


Thanks ripit!


Look like next week is pretty quite week as far as any market sale concern.


Thanks. Saves me time sunday morning.


Many thanks ripit. Your hard work for us is always very much appreciated. :clap:


thanks ripit, I am surprised CrapUSA is still alive. I hate their way of conducting business, always with a huge rebate. If CrapUSA dies, I’ll be the first one to dig the grave to bury it


Oh, I guess you don’t have any OfficeMax stores in your area. So sorry. :sad:


Me either :a :bigsmile:


OfficeMax are closing stores very rapidly, I wonder if they are heading the same trend that CUSA did?


I don’t know but i haven’t had a OM here in over a year :frowning:


I’ve got two OMs in my area and I really wish they would go a step further on their DL Verbatims. Finding coupons for them are next to impossible these days.


FYI, Verbs are on sale again this week at OfficeMax, and you can also buy them online. I think if you spend more than $50, shipping is free (for those that don’t have a local).


Well, that depends. OfficeMax has Verbs for $12.99 again, and you can use the sales on Sony media to get 8x +R TYs at Sears and K-Mart with a price match. Lastly, CompUSA has Memorex 4x +RWs for only $9.99, which you can get for only $8 with a price match at Staples.


I have 2 of them within 10 miles of each other and neither of them are showing any signs of closing. One is right around the block from me, it is very busy all the time, I doubt they will close. OfficeMax is a public company with great sales, they might cut down on the stores where business is down, but where I live, the economy is great and OfficeMax is a key store along with Staple for Office supplys.:iagree:


we had 2, one was in a bad location that was over the hill, it closed last year, the other, a few miles away from me got off to a rocky start but is located in a booming area and is going great guns, if they sell out of verbs by mid week, the sale area and end cap are full on friday after the thur truck comes in.

unusual for them to run a verb sale back to back

maybe they have finally figured out noone wants memorex or magnavox dvd’s