Next weeks ads (4/30/06 US)

Everything should beworking this week (tested it in last weeks ads). Media at several stores but the same crap we have been seeing (memorex, fuji, philips, imation etc). No verbatim or sony except for several verbatim at office max (dvd, dvd-rw, cd, cd printable). Light scribe dvd+r 10 for 10$ but they are memorex (at bb, min 3 per store, no rainchecks). So here it is.

Edit, almost forgot, no Dallas early edition again, not sure whats going on there (last week it was delivered but a day late if I understand right). Luckilly the fortworth paper had every thing except staples so all the normal ads except staples.

Everything works great!

Thanks again!

Thanks again ripit!

The 16X Verbs for 7.99 for 25 is the best media deal this week, plus I have alot of 10.00USD off coupons when I spend over 20.00. So I can get 3X25 for 7.99X3= 23.97 minus the 10.00 coupon= 13.97 for 75 Verbs, not bad.

where are these coupons, could i have one

Thankyou ripit. Off to Comp tomorrow for a Norwood Micro. :smiley:

I get them in the mail at my offices. I go around to all the different departments and collect them up. I am sure alot of people on the forum get them.


Except for $10 coupon from “Staples” I haven’t seen any coupon from other stores around and Staples coupon also expires today. Usually etp used to be a good source of all differet kind of coupon on this forum but I have not seen him active lately.

I can’t beleive you haven’t seen the Office Max coupon, they look like little credit cards but they say $10 off when you spend $20. I get them all the time, they send them to all the businesses in my complex. I get at 5 every month from different people who do not use them.

Walgreens over here in Georgia has Maxell 8x and 4x 15 pack cakes for 6 bucks. I checked in store and these are Hitachi 8’s and Yuden 4x’s.


I used to get them at home and work but havent gotten any from staples or office max in a while. I still get them from office depot all the time though. I wonder if your purchaseing habits (or if you have purchased in a recorded manner that keeps you on their mailing list) has anything to do with it?

That is the key these coupon may be being send to business entity but I have seen or heard individuals getting them.

That is the case if your name is in thier data base then you might get these promotional coupon from them.

Some of them are very much only sent to buisnesses (or any address that they may think is associated with a buisness). Depending on the coupon and or the deal, they have several designed for several markets (that that is why they all have those rewards clubs and whatever, so they can track your purchases and know how to get you to buy more from them). There are similar incentives for normal jo blow customers but they are generally much diffrent that what buisneses get. I have gotten 10$ off a 10$ (yea, 10$ of free stuff) purchase cards a few times from office max a while back. Obviouslly geared towards a buisness that would never make a 10$ purchase (but might use the coupon towards a big purchase). One thing you have to remember about buisnesses, Fi you go hunting for deals and have to chase around for them, you haved to pay someone wage to go do it, and it is usally cheaper to pay more. Thats why they give sweet deals to buisnesses, cause price only matters to a point and sometimes it doesn’t matter. We get counterfeit pens for 3$ and change (through internal store supply), but they are too slow, so we often buy them from office depot (next door in the same building) for almost 9$. If another ofice supply store had them for 5$, it wouldn’t be worth it. you would have to pay wage plus milage for them to go get them. I wonder if that is why I still get so many office depot coupons (my work still shops there and I think my personal address is linked).
Buisnesses always get the best deals.

by using them you assure that they will get new ones also :slight_smile: the cards should be keyed to whatever account/perks those businesses have so using the card makes it look like they shop at OM and ensures more coupons being sent to them

Thats probably very true. I have never bothered to get one of those advantage cards (or whatever they call it), since I generally don’t buy from office depot unless its media on sale or clearance merchandise (they have some incredible clearance deals once in a while, check the fat wallet office depot clearance thread). I suspected that those kind of coupons wouldn’t earn me any beter mailers (I’m already activlly on their mailing list). I might just have to go get one though, for use when I am buying company supplies (I’m sure certain types of items trigger buisness promotion). Does office depot even give beter deals to buisnesses anymore though? The coupons I get at work are the same that I get at home (and actually 15-20$ off a 75$ purchase would be great if they ever had stuff I wanted, and the clearance stuff goes mega fast when the price gets good so you cannot wiat and buy multiple items to make the 75$).

I aften get what they call reward cards from Staples which is 2 cards each worth $10, one for general purchasing and another which I never used toward printing cost. I did try once to use the printing $10 card for general purchase they said no is only good for the printing cost.

I suggest avoiding the Fuji media on sale at BB. Picked up some +R last week and tried 5 different burns, absolutely horrible. I returned them promptly.

I just knew that I wasn’t the only one on the forum getting them, I use almost every one of them, media, school supplies for my son, all kinds of good stuff, and like I said if you work in a big Office complex and your business gets them, just ask the mailroom room guys who else is getting them and ask them for it, 99% of the coupons get thrown away as junk mail, so I reap the windfall. The best part about these coupons or “Cards” is that they do not expire for about 45 days, so you do not have to use them immediately, the ones I have now are good until June 1.