Next weeks ads (4/23/05 US)

No luck with the cdfreaks server still. I pm’ed managment yesterday morning about it and they are going to look into it (not sure if the technical staff works weekends). There are also a few things I’m going to try like short simple file names without charicters. It might just be a matter of wating for them to get the bugs worked out on the new servers.

In the mean time, I’m uploading zip files of the scans to a free online storage site that you can download from.

This site semed to work ok last week. I will find another site and upload there as a backup so if these don’t work for you, look for more links to follow (not sure if I can upload in time to edit so it may be in a reply down a bit). Let me know if these are working for you. Also, if anyone has online storage that might be a bit more reliable, feel free to download them and put them on your storage for everyone. Sorry but its the best I can do till the server problems get worked out.


circuit city


office depot

office max


media is
tdk 50pk 16x 15$
hp cd 50pk 8$

25 dvd or 50 cd (tdk) 7$

sony dvd 50 pk 15$
dynex 50pk cd 7$

staples 50pk dvd memorex 25$ - 10$ easy rebate = 15$ (yea, like I’ll but that).

office depot
50pk 16x dvd memorex 30$, buy one get one
100pk maxell cd 15$

office max
hp 50 16x dvd or 100 cd 15$
hp 25 pk 16x dvd or 50 pack cd 8$
office max brand 100 pack dvd 16x (it specifically says 16x so maybe mcc) 28$

Almost forgot, I’m trying to hurry so I can upload to a second site before work. I might have missed some media if it was on multiple pages so if anyone sees anything, please post.

these are the same scans as above, just a backup site to download from







ripit I am sure every one is appreciated for this great link of difficulty you are going through to provide the best of information of the market sale on DVD drive, media and so on for the forum. You really don’t have to do this, every has any information on next week sale will put it on table. Thanks for great burden you carrying on every week.

Thanks ripit!

Greatly appreciated!

Thanks ripit! Getting the ads early lets me know if I have to make a road trip.

Thanks for the scans, always good to know today what happens tomorrow.

I’ve never in my life bought any HP-branded CMC media, maybe this will do it :slight_smile:

nice bb has sonys on sale for $15 again :cool: i bought $90 worth last sell and they were TYgo2’s

I’m guessing that the download links worked for everyone then?

Ripit the Bestsharing DL Worked Perfectly Thanks Again.

Thanks ripit get job. :slight_smile:
But why am I not surprised that powers that be didn’t get there shit together once again!!! :Z :Z

The MCC +R and -R are signified by the “DVR”-mirrored image printed on the discs, along with some other alphanumeric values. The non-“DVR” discs are probably CMC.

Just got back from my local OM. 7 packs of 100 +R left. After a bit of moving the pack around to find the -DVR- on the serial, my bad luck only one of the seven had that serial.

Came home, in fact they are MCC004. $30.19 after taxes is a great price for MCC004.

Thanks RIPIT as always!


Good news, it seems to be working. The problem was, the folder that I saw in filezilla that I was uploading to (called html), well when I linked to the server and that folder name it didn’t display. When I linked to the old directory name I use from before my access was changed (DoMiN8ToR uplaoded a sample file and a link for me to use as a guide), it worked. Thanks DoMiN8ToR, I would have never figured that out.

Test again (these are the actual ads for this last week by the way)

nope not working for me…but i downloaded the files from earlier and want to say thanks for your hard work :slight_smile: you rock :bow:

anyone want to try these three links for me?

The first one should be a single image that says test. The second should be all the ads for this week. They both work for me.
The third doesn’t work for me (doesn’t matter though). I used to have to link to the index file before the server upgrade but now it seems that it is automaticaly going after it. It’s beyond me (zevia wrote the html for me, I just edit it each week). As long as the first two links work I think we are good.

The last one ( still doesn’t work. The first two do though!

1st and 2nd work.
3rd does not.
I think with the new server you can use 2nd method instead of the 3rd.

One last one to make sure that linking to sub directories is working and that I understand linking to them corectlly.

@zevia, I just included the third to see if it would work but didn’t think it would. The second will work just fine though.

Last test to see if I can use subdirectories to help keep things organized (and to see if it will automatically go after the index file).

It seems to work for me.