Next weeks ads (4/20/08 US)

Verbatims at bestbuy this week (13$ for 50). I figure thats good news for some of you that haven’t liked what you have been getting in the 100 packs lately. Hopefully all the images are ok. I was supposed to be leaving on a cross country trip last night to visit the inlaws, so most of it was found online in the middle of the night. The wifes sick and draging here feet (wouldn’t wake up to go), so I did wind up being here long enough to get a paper and finish. Anyway, I got all the normal ads, enjoy.

Thank you once again ripit! Have a safe trip.

i haven’t had to buy dvdr’s for a long time, so what do i need to look for when buying verbatims to get the best quality ones?

Thanks ripit, pretty interesting lineup of bargains this week.

Looks like this week’s strategy should be to go hog-wild on the Verbie 50 packs at Best Buy. The Maxell 100 packs at Office Depot for $19.99 is definitely a price buster! Not sure what MID a guy could expect on those Maxell 100 packs.

IMHO, the Maxells are rubbish… I would stay away from them!

Well said and agreed Dalen.:wink:

thanks alot ripit :slight_smile:

Thank-You very much:clap:

[QUOTE=Dalen Quaice;2041039]IMHO, the Maxells are rubbish… I would stay away from them![/QUOTE]

The Maxell -R 100 pack i got a few weeks ago @ $17.99 has been fine, their CMC AM3 and burn pretty well for me.
Their not verbs …but @ < 20c a disc they are usable

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Thank you, ripit!

Thanks ripit! :slight_smile:
Try to get some Verb from BB ( PAPA and MAPA )
Very hard to find [B]MAPA[/B] :doh:

Thank you ripit

thnx much for the heads up on ads…most nice.

Thanks ripit,

Thanks very much, ripit! :flower:

Thanks ripit!

Always appreciated.

If you have a microcenter nearby, the Verbatim 50 packs are $13.99. I would, however, suggest to grab the printable ones at $14.99 per 50 pack. The -R would be likely Prodisc, but the +R were all CMC PAPA :slight_smile:

Those maxells have been ProdiscF02 or RitekF1 (-R). The Riteks are better overall, but the prodiscs are more consistent. CMC Mag M01 for the +R. All of them have been good media for me, so no complaint. They burn fine and read fine when needed. Yes, for important data use a MCC 03RG20 or MCC004, but for everyday use Prodisc F02, ritekF1 or the CMCs they have been quite good
(As a matter of fact, for very important data, I still have some MXL RG02, arguably the best media ever made. Initial burn quality is excellent, maybe not as impressive as a TY or MCC, but degradation of the MXL RG02 is virtually non-existent, so that is what makes them better in my eyes)


hmmm…you are in Texas, and cross country trip? to North? I mean you are in the middle and how do you cross the country? LOL
just j/k.
have a safe trip and hope you take advantage of this wonderful weather.
And thanks for the AD. Other things hard to read, but I always love your CC AD.

I guess I kind of meant cross country figuratively (as in across states).
I knew it would be a nightmare but it was worse than I thought. We left almost a day late. We have all been very sick, and me and the kids went to the doctor to get antibiotics (which helped a lot), but she refused to go to the doctor, and was too sick and tired to leave on time. We basically wound up getting everything ready at the last minute, then leave after half a nights sleep. We drove for 15 hours straight (got in about 5:30am), got about 2 hours sleep, visited her family all day, left the same evening, and drove all night and all day (with a 4 hour stop at a hotel). If we would have stayed in the hotel longer, the rental car would have been late and the price would have more than doubled (got a full size car for 67$ for 3 days but would have lost the special rate/free day if we were late).

[QUOTE=SOCALUS;2041456]hmmm…you are in Texas, and cross country trip? to North? I mean you are in the middle and how do you cross the country? LOL
just j/k.