Next weeks ads (4/2/06 US)



Seems things are fixed with the server. I was able to finally delete the old files and use the normal directory. Not sure if they are done with the upgrades but things worked fine on my side of it. It looks like sonys at several stores is about it. There is some verbatim light scribe which is on sale but still kind of expensive(of course it is always expensive).
Also, one thing that I noticed, 74gig sata raptors on sale at bestbuy for 160$ upfront (same price as newegg) with 30$ erebate so 130$ final price. I havent kept up on what raptors are selling for but it seemed to be a good price.

So anyway, here they are.

Almost forgot, I got ads from all the usual stores this week.


Thanks as always ripit. btw, page 11 of CompUSA’s ad is upside down but it’s not big deal.


Thanks again “ripit”.!


Thank you, sir! Very appreciated as always.


Anybody know the media codes on those 16X medias at Office Max?


If you’re referring to the HP 16x media, it’s most likely CMC.


wasn’t there some talk bout mcc04 on the hp 16x dvd+r. can’t seem to remember, but i thought some one posted that they pulled mcc04 from the hp spindles and that there was a way to tell what mid they were.


Overall, there’s not many interesting deals this coming week. However, MacGyver is on sale @ Best Buy, so that’s something.

Are Verbatim Lightscribe DVDs MCC or CMC?


The verbatium light scribe should be mcc. As far as the hp, I have not heard of any mcc004 but there has been some mcc in the 4x and 8x in the past so I supose its posible we might see some in the 16x? It might be worth looking through some next time you are at they store to see if any have visable mcc type markings around the hub.


MacGyver?? The guy who never die??

The 300 GB Maxtor drive with 16 meg of cache @CompUSA, can some1 confirm that if it is SATA or PATA?? And if it is SATA, does it support NCQ???


Looks like the 300 gig at compusa and the 300 gig at staples are both pata.
Speaking of macgyver (and tv shows), that unrated version of tripping the rift sounds interesting (best buy I think), though I have to wonder if it is the same as normal with a few stupid little scenes they added for a new version.


Unfortunately, you missed the Verbatim MCC 004 just ending tonight at Office Max, same price as HP. Keep watching, they do it on a regular basis.

Thanks Ripit, nice to see $15 per 50 is becoming the new base price for DVD.


THANKS RIPIT I am interersted in the sony dvds on sale at staples. Hope I can get some made in Japan.


don’t forget to bring your empty ink cartridge for $3 off! the only thing better than sony’s being on sale at staples are sony’s being on sale somewhere else then you can price match 110% at staples PLUS get the $3 off :slight_smile:


PS, thank you ripit!!!

figures, all these sonys on sale now that i don’t need them.

why can’t the 10 pack of lightscribe discs go on sale :frowning: i just want to play with them, but i don’t want to throw out $25 just to screw around…grrrr


Repeat after me, “It’s only money”

Anything free is worth what you paid for it. /.


My Office Max is also allowing the $3 off for old cartridges with no limit and no coupon. Just got some Verbatim 16X, 25 for $1.80.

Time to raid the Library recycling bin.


There must be some liquidation of these Sony media lately. Luckily, I got two BB stores to match OD’s BOGO free coupon for the media at $16/100. :stuck_out_tongue: I think I finally saw some YUDEN000T03 at a Staples today, they were the 16x +R MIJ with white spacers, compared to the 16x +R MIT with grey spacers.


I kind of feel the same way about trying some 16x sony’s (with sony mids). I certainlly don’t need any media so I wouldn’t want a large pack or a bogo like last weeks office depot sale, I just want a few to try. I might go for a little bit biger maxell 16x pack as I have had such good luck with maxell002 (if I could even find any maxell 16x).


I saw the 16x -R Maxell at WalMart today. The +R was still 8x.