Next weeks ads (4/16/06 US)

Not much at all for sales this week.
As far as I can tell, staples and office max are running last weeks ad for two weeks.
I’m guessing it is because of easter.
I checked Dallas and Fortworth papers at two stores and all only had best buy and circuit city ads. Verbatium 16x are on sale, nexxtec 25 packs, and hp light scribe dvd’s.
With the colored dvd’s at wallgreens, they kind of look like a ripoff to me, but if you want them, you might want to check biglots if there is one in your area. They may have them for 12-13$.

I hope this works ok (thing changind with the server and all)., April 15, 2006 (7).jpg

Sorry everyone, the files are uploaded but I cannot get the corect link to them and I’m going to be late for work.
Verbatium 16x 50 pack 14.99 best buy
memorex 10 pack light scribe dvd 7602329 10$ best buy
nexttec 25 pack 5.99 at circuit city

The files are on the server so if anyone can find them, please post the link. Sorry, there is nothing else I can do at this point.

I noticed that Office Max has the HP 740RI Lightscribe drive on sale for 79.99, is that the same as the 740i which is a rebadged LG 4166B. The LG firmware is UDMA 4, I wonder if the LG firmware is the same, if its the same drive.

ripit; Thanks for your effort, the last two links are not working and as you said, this week is a quite week because major stores (Frys’s Circuit City and others) are going to be closed on tomorrow Sunday April16 for Eastern therefore no use to have any ad at all.

Do you really think BestBuy will be closed on Easter Sunday?

The 740i was without lightscribe, probably disabled in the firmware as when I flashed mine with the LG firmware, lightscribe showed up. I would bet that they are the same under the skin. BTW, it is the only drive I have found that will turn out a very high quality burn on [I]SOME[/I] MCC 004 at 16X. Looks like an 8X burn. The problem is that the media fluctuates in quality so sometimes the PIF peaks are unacceptable.

Yes, my roommate works for BB and they are closed.

Alan; Majority if not all of these store will be closed tomorrow.

You are right TCAS, I just called Best Buy, they will be closed.

Thanks for the Easter heads-up; I’ve got some stuff to buy.

The Link is down, anything good or any after Easter Sale???

16X Verbs at Best Buy 14.99 for 50, HP 740RI 79.00 at Office Max (LG 4166)

I am wonder if we can find pretty good sale prices on LightScribe DVD+/-R disc for this coming week?.

@TCAS: Do you know anything about the HP 740RI drive at Office Max. I know the HP 740i is a rebadged LG 4166 but I can’t seem to find any info on the 740RI

$14.95 for 50 disc is the norm nowadays, I bought 6 spindles of 50, all TY yesterday at Staples for $10 per spindle after coupon. So Verbatim media for that price will not catch my attention. If any major item goes on sale, I am sure there is a huge rebate attached to it.

I wish I would have realized earlier that it was not working (perhaps I could have used an alternative method like I am going to do now but earlier). I logged onto the server with my new logon, realized that I had to use a new directory (the folders that I normally work with were moved there). They uploaded find but do not seem to be publicly accesable, unless I’m missing something (I’m pretty sure that I got the location corect and tried variations to see if I could access them through my browser, but no luck). I didn’t realize that they would not be publiclly viewable till I was about to be late for work so I didn’t have time to do anything else.
I have never used this site (just googled free online storage). IS anyone farmiliar with it or others?
here is a zip (about 7MB) of the best buy and circuit city scans.
edit: I’ll leave the link incase it works for someone else but I tested it and the download was corupt or something.
its called, scans/pics
So far as I know these should be downloadable by anyone (like I said, I have never used this site before). I checked bestbuys and circuit citys site and they still have the old ad up at least at the time I posted this.
Let me know if you can access and download the zip.

thanks ripit for staying up late to fix it, and yes I was able to access and download the zip file.

Could someone give me a better Link that Awful site besides requiring “Cookies” won’t download.the number of downloads it reads is incorrect as i put up about 5 on there and got nothing.Thank You!

I uploaded it to another site. Not only did it download much faster but the file wasn’t corupt when I tried it. Fyi circuit city has the ad up on thier site but bestbuy doesn’t. Office depot didn’t have an ad. Compusa has a 3 page ad on thier website, but it looks more like one of their few day sales or midnight sales than a normal printed ad (good all week but not as many items). I havent had a chance to see whats on sale, I got roped into doing major repairs on someones car today so I’m going to be kind of busy. I’ll look into the server access problem later if I have time (though on easter sunday, I’m not sure anyone will be around to ask about it).

Anyone have any comments on the BB 16X Verbs 50pk on sale for $14.99 versus the Newegg 16X Verbs 50pk “shiny finish with AZO dye technology”.

I need to but but would rather not experiement (too much!).


They should be the same exact thing, except the newegg are 20-8 rebate = 12$ and the best buy are 15$ straight up. Also, newegg is -r only and bestbuy is -r or +r (personally I prefer +r a little though both are good).

About the ads not showing up, there are problems with the forums displaying images at all, not just mine so It may be something I just have to wait for them to fix (tried to attach a scan earlier and couldn’t, checked and there are problems with displaying images that they are working on).