Next weeks ads (4/15/07 US)



I didnt get office max or compusa this week (and unfortunatlly didn’t have time to check other locations for papers with them as I’m going to be late for work). I got the rest though (no media at cvs or sears and wallgreens wasn’t even worth posting, 3 sony single layer for 7$).

there are verbatims at best buy but they are the digital movie ones. There are dual layer dynex at best buy mega cheap. Video help says either mkm or ritek, and I guess that we can tell which are which by mis/mit. Anyway, I gotta go to work so I’ll let you look over the rest.

Opps, messed up the target scan under media, but it can be seen on the last tab).


Thank you so much again and again ripit!


I had not realized that Dynex sometimes uses MKM for their DL discs. Good price for just over $1 per disc if you can find MKM, made in Singapore discs.


The Digital Movie Verbatims I’m about 99.9% positive are MCC by Prodisc, in which case the +Rs would be the better buy.


Thanks as always Ripit.


Thanks for the info!


Thank you for the scans. Also for the week of April 15-21 Kmart has 25-packs for Sony DVD+R/-R on sale for $6.99.


I see a Staples PM coming:iagree:


Thanks ripit!


The only interesting thing for coming week is Verbatim Movie Reel on sale at BB for $8.99/pack of 25 is fancy and high quality media I have is great.


Here’s the link for that. :bigsmile:


Yup, I’m all over that! :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:


The ones I’ve seen have said Made in Hong Kong.


thanks much for the notice…great.


Thanks ripit


Great job and thank you again ripit for the time your taking to put up the scans!


Hum, I didn’t see those. I saw a 15-pack for $17, but that’s a so-so price unless they’re MKMs, and I doubt any of the current production are.

To me, a truly cheap price for dual-layer media is between $0.50 and $0.75 per disk.


thanks for the ads ripit :slight_smile:


the +r are MCC made by cmc?


The last report of that was in 2005. Dynex also used to supposedly use MCC for their 8x single-layer disks. It’s obvious that those days are long gone, so don’t get your hopes up.