Next weeks ads (4/01/07 US)



I didn’t see anything that special for media this week except verbatims at office max. Price is 13$ and they are not advertised as the inteleflix ones (not sure if you guys ever figured out anything about if those packs were different or not). Bestbuy has dynex kind of cheap, 9$ but I’m not sure what they are. Acording to video help they are ricoh for 16x+r but only 3 people have reported so it could still be a crap shoot. playo even cheaper but with rebate.

Out of curosity, the office max ad says dvd-x/-r or dvd+r. What is a dvd-x (typo)?

No compusa for the third week in a row. Maybe they don’t want to spend the money (they have to pay extra to get ads in the early edition). Maybe since they are closing all but 2 stores in the Dallas/Fortworth area, they aren’t going to advertise anymore? If I don’t see an ad in a few more weeks, I’m just going to kill them from the html.

So here they are.


Thanks Ripit!


Thanks as always Ripit. :slight_smile: How’s the family?


They are fine. Of course with a 2 month old, there isn’t much sleep…


Ha ha, I’m about to join you. Got a 2.5 year old and getting another in three weeks. Should be fun. :rolleyes:


But when you go to work you can look at the womens breasts :cool: Thanks again ripit :bow:


Thank you very much ripit as always .
No Verbatim DL media this week too , I’ve been waiting for some time now :frowning:


You are in about the same amount of trouble as me. I have a 1 year 10 month old and the 2 month old. The combination of both (since the older one is in the terrorist stage) is quite a bit worse than just a new baby.


I’d just buy a few of the 10 packs for $15 at Office Max. Free shipping if you get 4 of them. Just a few weeks ago 10 for $15 would’ve been considered a sale price.


It’s pretty easy to spot the Ricoh Dynex discs as they are made in Taiwan and come in typical Ritek cakeboxes, and there are no spacers on top so the Ritek hub serial is visible. The other Dynex discs come in a totally different style tub and the packaging even looks different.


thanks as always for the heads up on the media…great.


Yeah, the dvd-x is a typo.

And CompUSA isn’t going to be doing any early ads while they are in the process of closing so many stores. That’s just common sense. The early ads won’t come back until the consolidation and trimming is over.

BTW, are those Ativa drives at OD most likely LGs?


Thanks ripit, the 4 GB flash drive from ScanDisc @ Office Max for $49.99 look like is good deal.


FOr 9 bucks, i think i will head over the BB and grab me some Ricoh discs. My BenQ 1640 likes them.


Have your buddy go to Officemax (either store or online). They have 10 packs for $15USD on a regular basis now. If he orders online he will need to place an order of $50USD or more to get free shipping though.


I was also wondering what those Ativa burners are …anyone have one?


@cbboy777 - I also have a 1640, and I’ve gotten excellent results with RicohJPNR03. However, I’ve never used any Dynex. Could you post a typical result from one of these packs. Thanks!!


Not that this means anything, but the picture on the outside of the external packaging looks like a LiteOn enclosure.


yeah over at videohelp they posted the Ativa™ 18x Internal DVD±RW Drive
as a rebadged LITEON 18A1H …I guess you could do worse


Thanks for the scans ripit.